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Where to Dine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico - fish dish restaurants near me

by:Two Eight     2019-09-26
Where to Dine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico  -  fish dish restaurants near me
Will you go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?
Maybe you are doing some research on eating in Puerto Vallarta?
Hope I can help you narrow your search.
I have added all the reviews that I think are the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.
I hope I can help you find some great restaurants to enjoy your visit.
My husband and I have been on holiday in Puerto Vallarta for years.
We are retired now. we are there for the winter now.
We had meals in many great restaurants over the years, and one thing that is not lacking in Puerto Vallarta is a great restaurant.
I think it might be interesting to share some restaurant reviews with travelers that might benefit from my husband's dining experience and, in fact, I like to eat and spend the winter in Mexico, we eat out almost every night.
Usually we find that the restaurant is very good and in fact we always tell our friends that "port Vallarta has some of the best food in the world ".
We may be a bit biased and you see everything that we like the most from this wonderful destination.
I hope I can provide my readers with credible, accurate restaurant reviews for many of the great restaurants we 've had.
As my husband and I mentioned, I have a long history with Puerto Vallarta, so naturally we will list all the restaurants --time favorites. . .
However, it took us two months to find the "best" restaurant last winter.
Our strong restaurant search brings us to every area of the growing Puerto Vallarta city.
We made sure to include high-end restaurants, as well as more restaurants in the economy, all the way to cheap street stalls.
From the elegant dining room to the relaxing sidewalk stands, we found delicious food and a wonderful dining experience.
I hope my review will help anyone who wants to eat in Puerto Vallarta, not only a great place to eat, but also a restaurant suitable for their own budget, as well as the atmosphere requirements for any night out.
Have you been to Puerto Vallarta?
If so, please make sure to share your personal restaurant review of any of the restaurants listed here.
If you have a favorite restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, it is not listed.
Please share your favorite restaurant, as well as a comment on my guestbook, which can be located at the bottom of the page. Bravos -
Great service
In the nightlife that is taking place in Puerto Vallarta, this charming South Side restaurant is just a few steps away from the beach and offers plenty of delicious international food and drinks.
On-site service-
The owner and owner "Michael" make sure that your dining experience is something you won't forget soon.
I enjoyed most of the things offered on the menu and never thought about favorite things.
One thing is for sure.
I like carrot cake very much.
Next time you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, be sure to dine at Bravos.
This is my favorite restaurant in Puerto Vallarta and may be your restaurant.
Gangster restaurant bar I.
Marro 263, Emiliano Zapata, 48380 Puerto Vallarta, JAL.
For more information about the restaurant "El Palomar de los gonz 'Les", please visit "Bandaras News ". Josefa O.
Dominguez, No. 223-
Melissa's family is a bit quaint and a bit far from the old road.
However, it is worth looking.
This is a family-run restaurant.
The staff were friendly and made to feel at home.
You can even say that their passion for customers is the same as their food.
The food is delicious. red sn fish is one of the specialties here.
Empire shrimp (look at the photos) is one of my favorite shrimp and so is fajitas.
Melissa's food is moderately priced, but the taste seems to be more expensive.
This restaurant is a favorite for locals and tourists.
The owner Tony is a hand. on host.
We were welcomed at the door and immediately.
I had shrimp and chicken patties and my husband ordered filet steak and shrimp.
The filet steak was perfectly cooked with a dozen delicious shrimp, mixed vegetables and rice.
All the vegetables are ready.
My pancakes are delicious.
All meals are served with a delicious salad, Free French fries and salsa.
Very good service.
Tony's restaurant is a quaint little restaurant. ©Cole has a wonderful Mexican torch.
The price is very cheap.
Last but not least, I have to mention homemade flour.
A word, "Great "!
If you're looking for a great place to eat, there's delicious Mexican food and the atmosphere is fun --
Tony is the place you need to try.
Atmosphere: warm and friendly staff, warm reception and Mexican decoration.
For more than 20 years, Archie's WOK has pleased customers with the best pan-Asian cuisine in Puerto Vallarta.
The most classic is Oriental food, but the most important thing is one step higher than Oriental food.
Comfortable Zen
The decor provides a relaxing place for diners to enjoy the best pan-Asian cuisine.
My husband and I have been eating at Archie for many years and this is actually one of us all --
The most popular restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.
If you decide to try Archie, make sure to leave room for lime cheesecake, which is great.
Archie Wok's menu is a vegetarian favorite.
The late Archie claimed to be the chef of John Houston, in his hideaway at Las Caletas, south of bayalta.
Archie's wife and family continue his legacy today.
First class service, moderate to high price.
"Mother Rosa" is the complete package.
Delicious food, first-class service and spectacular views.
If you want to eat delicious Mexican food, you must go to the restaurant of Rosa's mother.
The chef uses fresh local ingredients, which makes the food better.
Owner/owner Mateo and Sergio make sure I have to add delicious desserts to their guests, so please save a little space.
The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing, and the view is very special.
About cost.
The menu offers a variety of pricing options.
Alemana Manor-
Delicious German food and the best owner in town. . .
One of my favorite five
Open for lunch and dinner, the manor Alemana features a wide variety of traditional German collections, including beef stew with vinegar (my favorite), sausage, ham and four different types of sliced meat, and more.
Fresh salads, vegetarian dishes, delicate fish and seafood dishes, you will also find a good variety.
All main courses include a bread basket where you can choose the food at home.
Fried potatoes, French fries, sauerkraut, red cabbage, German potatoes or dumplings.
Please make a reservation in order to guarantee your seat.
Price: Hacienda Alemana offers several affordable specials. Entire menu! Three-
From 12: 30 p. m. to 17: 00 include draft beer.
Atmosphere: enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars in the beautiful garden. . .
Price: for food that tastes like you, the economical, moderate price should cost more.
If you want to eat Italian cuisine, you can go to the old town and dine at Boccon Di Vino.
The food is authentic Italian, delicious and affordable.
Great Italian food and homemade bread!
Good portion and fair price.
My husband likes clam pasta and one of my favorite pasta is spaghetti with meat sauce.
I like the atmosphere here. The Garden Restaurant at the back is very special.
Nothing is more romantic than dining under the stars.
Atmosphere: very "trattoria, Italy", romantic back garden.
Located in Puerto Vallarta, Playa Los Muertos.
Two cups a night;
From 6: 30 pm to 6: 30 pm.
The Coco tropical restaurant combines delicious food, unforgettable sunsets, stunning views of the Bay of Banderas, and Mexican hospitality.
The menu offers international Mediterranean cuisine.
Ossobuco is very good, it has a 30% discount on Wednesday.
You will also find a lot of popular seafood dishes such as coconut shrimp, one of my favorite foods in Cocos. Owner Heinz E.
Reize \ "is a certified Swiss chef who brings his culinary talent to this elegant beachfront restaurant.
This gourmet restaurant is right on the beach, with beautiful sunset views for dinner.
Coco Tropical is a associate member of the "Best Specialty Restaurant Club" and "platinum catering guide.
Coco's provided by high-
Good quality ingredients at reasonable prices.
It is still one of the most popular restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.
The dress code is casual.
Price from $15-
For $25, there are special price cuts every day of the week.
The atmosphere is great and you have fun every night.
The tropical atmosphere provides guests with soft samba/modern music.
"The singer is very good ".
Casa Fantasia is a "must try" restaurant.
Great food.
The chef specializes in fresh seafood and fish, as well as many Mexican cuisines.
My husband and I found ourselves wanting to come back to this restaurant a lot in the winter.
I love Veracruz fish and my husband loves shrimp wrapped in bacon.
Romantic atmosphere, garden under the stars.
The decoration is colorful and quirky.
It is believed that the taste of the food may be high.
However, the price of Casa Fantasia has been maintained at a very moderate level.
There are several fish dishes on the menu, all of which are Mexican.
One of my favorite fish dishes is Santa Cruz.
Do you like pickled fish with sour orange juice?
If so, try El Brujo's pickled fish with sour orange juice.
Not only is it fresh and delicious, they also give you a large portion, so be ready to share.
Like the unusual, try the specialty "Molcajete" in the house ".
Molcajete consists of steak, grilled onion and panela cheese.
Toppings the cactus with a delicious dry chili sauce.
All the food was placed in the pot of the witch.
Most of the main courses are handmade fried beans and tortillas.
When dining at El Brujo, please prepare leftovers.
Large portions.
The price is very moderate in terms of cost.
Open Monday to Sunday from one o'clock P. M. to 10: 30 p. m.
Atmosphere: very casual, Mexican©Cor, lively and fun, could be a good choice if you have kids at a party.
Los Muertos is one of my favorite restaurants.
I love pizza and it's hard to find good pizza in Puerto Vallarta. Well.
So far this year.
My husband and I both thought the pizza was great and it was as good as we went home.
They serve several fresh pizza ingredients and try the "drunken onion ".
The salad was also great, very fresh, very big, and the homemade dressing was also great.
The atmosphere is like any beer bar in the United States.
I like the second one.
Dining on the floor, beautifully decorated and comfortable, surrounded by an open balcony with a breeze.
I recommend Los Muertos to anyone who wants to have a delicious pizza and salad and dine in a fun atmosphere.
The price is very economical.
Cabbage in red, simple, straight
Perfect Mexican cuisine with no decoration.
However, the food of red cabbage does not need any decoration.
You eat authentic Mexican food in this restaurant. I think the taste is really good.
There are many dishes made according to the recipe of the Frida Kalou family Diego Rivera.
The atmosphere is interesting, artistic and comfortable.
D. ©Cor is really great with colorful furniture, lots of paintings, posters and hand painted wall portraits.
If you are interested in anything other than tortillas or tortillas, this may be your choice.
I recommend booking this restaurant, which is always crowded.
Price: cheap. Beach Fun !
There are many interesting beaches in Puerto Vallarta.
Local people go to the beach and enjoy a day of beach fun.
Most of the local beaches have great beach restaurants.
So on your next visit to Puerto Vallarta, head to one of the rural beaches that Puerto Vallarta offers.
Get ready for a day of fun and delicious food, all at a very affordable price.
There are many beaches in Puerto Vallarta, but try a beach that only the locals know. . .
You won't regret it.
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