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where can i buy restaurant dishes Max's Delivery Philippines Menu and Number

by:Two Eight     2019-08-18
where can i buy restaurant dishes Max\'s Delivery Philippines Menu and Number
Would you like Max's chicken? -
You can get the delicious fried chicken recipe Max sent to your home.
Imagine eating it in your comfortable home.
This is really the best if you have guests coming over or even if you just want to have something special with your family.
Max is already an institution in the Philippines and their chicken recipe is very unique and something that Filipinos and foreigners like.
This is not a typical fried chicken you can buy in any other restaurant.
On top of that, their menu offers many other great recipes and delicacies.
Of course, you won't get Max's courier or chicken!
You have to get the chicken.
It was really nice and perfect with banana ketchup.
It's so unique.
They did a lot of things for Filipinos.
Time likes a good twist best.
What are you waiting? Dial 7-
Now 9000, send Max's fried chicken to your house!
This is what you and your family deserve!
Of course, there is a branch near you that can deliver food for you.
You can go to Max's restaurant website and use the store locator to find the nearest branch.
Call 97000 now and you can ask if they will deliver it to you!
If you are looking for a place to host a birthday, baptism, wedding or any other event, you can do it at Max's restaurant.
They have a lot of different affordable table packages that will definitely make your event more special!
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