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where can i buy restaurant dishes Maryland's Food: The Tastiest Traditional Maryland Dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-18
where can i buy restaurant dishes Maryland\'s Food: The Tastiest Traditional Maryland Dishes
Growing up in Maryland seems like a crappy thing when you're a kid, but when you grow up and leave, realize that you missed something in Maryland. . . the food!
Especially in southern Maryland, the food here is very traditional and unique, different from the rest of the United States.
Just like New England has lobsters, Wisconsin has cheese, and Maryland has special food.
If you have a chance to cross southern Maryland, don't forget to try these delicious dishes at several local restaurants.
You will surely enjoy the unique traditional menu in Maryland.
One of the most famous things in Maryland is probably the Maryland blue crab.
There are good reasons.
Blue crabs in Maryland blow blue crabs out of the water in another state!
The taste and size of the Florida Blue Crab are almost the same as those of Maryland. . .
Believe me, I have eaten two kinds.
Whenever I go to my hometown in southern Maryland, I go to eat local seafood, and crabs are my first choice.
In Southern Maryland, you can get a variety of Maryland blue crabs, especially if you find a local restaurant in Chesapeake Bay.
Made into Maryland.
Style with spices and tons of comfortable crab soup!
Although all of these methods of eating crabs in Southern Maryland are delicious, the traditional method is to eat a bushel steamed crab.
You can buy them in bushels in many parts of southern Maryland, and almost all crabs are topped with Old Bay dressing.
Someone might ask, how do you eat a whole crab?
The blue crab in Maryland is really interesting. . .
Crab picnic!
Blue crab feast in Maryland, click here.
There is a clear art and science to pick crabs and you can only learn from Marylander.
If you go to St.
Drift Inn in mechanical Ville, Maryland (their steamed crab next to bushel will die!
Who doesn't like a good helper for steamed oysters?
South Maryland is known not only for its blue crabs, but also for its luxurious oysters and clams.
Whether you like fried, steamed, roasted or fried oysters and clams, there is a restaurant in Maryland that provides the right food for these mollusks --your way!
Personally I am a fan of oysters, do you know they are spring medicine?
Most of the restaurants mentioned above in the crab section also sell oysters and clams, so you won't miss these bad boys either.
Ham, baby!
Since I moved out of Southern Maryland, no one knew what I was talking about whenever I mentioned eating ham sandwiches.
I'm not saying there's a lot of stuff like ham and cheese on two slices of bread, oh no.
I'm talking about a very traditional, very Southern dish made by locals in Southern Maryland called "Stuffed ham ".
If you have never lived in Southern Maryland, you may not know what I mean.
But don't worry. . .
I will teach you all the stuff that is stuffed with ham. . .
Let you drool right away!
Stuffed ham is a home.
Ham stuffed with kale and a variety of spices makes it more delicious!
Then slice the ham, along with kale and spices, and place the ham on two slices of white bread to make a delicious Maryland sandwich.
My great-grandmother did a better job than anyone in the state, and one of her recipes even appeared in recipes published locally.
If you were ever in St.
Mary county, there is a great local restaurant in Charlotte Hall serving ham sandwiches.
The name of the restaurant is St.
Mary's Landing (they also have amazing Maryland blue crab pie ).
What is a corn meatloaf?
Bacon, eggs and toast were well made.
With the exception of Southern Maryland, there is a great breakfast almost anywhere.
There is an important food missing from this breakfast menu. Scrapple!
Oh, you never heard of it?
You missed my friend.
So, what exactly is scrapple?
I'm not sure if you really want to know.
It's very similar to bacon or burger. . .
It uses some delicious scraps (hence the name scrapple ).
But don't worry, once you 've tasted this meaty masterpiece on your plate with breakfast, you'll soon forget its origins.
What you'll remember is that Maryland is one of the few states that sell waste products at grocery stores.
You can also find it in Pennsylvania and Delaware.
For the Amish, it is called panahasse.
It was invented by Amish people in Pennsylvania in the 17 th century and still continues this tradition.
Since there is an Amish community in Southern Maryland, Amish cuisine is also available in the area.
If you're a fan, there's also an annual scrapbook festival in Bridgeville, Delaware!
You can order scrapple online at the food store or even on Amazon.
Provide scrapple for your eggs and toast and watch your family go crazy about it.
How did you do it?
It's easy.
It's usually in a block and you slice it and Pan
Fried like a sausage pie.
Scrapple reminds me of my childhood and always reminds me of Southern Maryland.
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