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What to Do with Leftover Rice - restaurant quality dishes at home

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
What to Do with Leftover Rice  -  restaurant quality dishes at home
Cold rice in the fridge for a day or two can be very unappetizing.
However, there are many ways to turn the remaining rice into delicious dishes instead of throwing away the rice.
This Tastessence post provides some great ideas for using leftovers.
It is known that spores in uncooked rice can cause food poisoning.
These spores survive even after cooking, and if the rice is placed at room temperature for too long, these spores may breed.
If you intend to use leftovers, it is very necessary to store cooked rice in the refrigerator within one hour of cooking.
Whether you want a delicate dinner or a simple meal at home, cheap and easy --to-
Rice is a staple food for many people in the world.
From delicious creamy risotto to mouth meal
Watering Chinese fried rice, there are many kinds of fried rice all over the world.
While we may like a pot of freshly cooked rice, it may not be as attractive the next day.
Not only is cold rice difficult to heat, but it also smells bad.
If rice is part of your daily diet, there will certainly be some leftovers thrown away in a day or two.
Is this the only solution for the remaining rice? Maybe not.
Although it may not taste good in itself when reheated, the remaining rice can be used to make some delicious food.
Not only can these recipes prevent food from being wasted, they can also make you fast
Cooking puzzle solutions for your weekend.
Here are some great recipes you can make with the rest of the rice.
The best and easiest way to use the remaining rice is to make a simple and quick fried rice.
As fried rice tends to become mushy, just-
Rice, cold leftovers are great for this recipe.
The best thing is that you can customize the fried rice and let it do it the way you like.
You can add chopped vegetables such as carrots and green peppers, onions, tomatoes, eggs, bacon or chicken to your fried rice.
Season with garlic and soy sauce.
More spicy versions, you can also try chili powder and cumin powder.
Worried about how to use the remaining Italian risotto in the refrigerator?
Try to make a delicious fried rice ball in Italy.
The chilled risotto in the fridge can be rolled into balls, coated with crumbs and fried.
If you want to use cooked plain rice in this dish, then come with some chopped onions, meat, vegetables, chicken soup, three tablespoons of ground parmesan cheese, salt and pepper
Let the rice cool down before rolling the rice into a ball.
Before frying, wrap the ball with beaten eggs and crumbs.
The rice soup is a delicious rice cake with brown on both sides to achieve a crispy perfection.
You can do it with white rice or brown rice.
Mix the remaining rice with onions, chicken or tuna, fresh rat Lee, salt and pepper.
Add the beaten eggs and stir well.
Refrigerate for an hour.
Make the chilled rice and chicken mixture into a meatloaf.
Dip the pie before frying eggs and crumbs.
Serving: rice, sauce, fresh salad.
A creamy dessert made of rice, milk and different seasonings.
Homemade rice pudding is easy to make and is a good way to use leftovers.
Stew or bake the remaining rice with spices such as milk, sugar, nutmeg, eggs and oranges to make a delicious rice pudding.
For a healthier rice pudding, honey or maple syrup can be added instead of sugar.
Soup is ideal for eating the rest of the rice, vegetables and chicken.
Put a pot with medium fire.
Add some olive oil to the pan.
Tips for onions, garlic, carrots, celery and bay leaves.
Cook ten minutes before adding chicken soup and water.
Add the remaining rice and shredded chicken.
Cook for half an hour before serving delicious and healthy rice soup.
A popular Greek cuisine made of stuffed grape leaves with rice, pine and lemon zest.
Prepare rice stuffing by mixing Dragon
Baked pine kernel, minced shredded radish, and some cereal leftovers from fresh mint and lemon zest.
Before adding the rice filling and rolling, soften the grape leaves in the water.
Dol30 minutes or 30 minutes of baking, and a delicious appetizer tahini sauce is served.
Mix the remaining rice with onions, garlic, tomatoes, Feida cheese and a variety of herbs and spices.
Add corn or olives, etc. , and add extra creaking to the dishes.
Put them into vegetables such as red pepper, green pepper, tomato and eggplant for healthy and beneficial food.
You can cook vegetables in a microwave or oven.
This dish is served with grilled chicken or grilled fish.
Rice salad is the best fast food
Prepare recipes for those days when you are too tired to cook.
This is not only healthy, but also surprisingly appetizing.
Chopped vegetables such as carrots, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and cucumbers.
Mix these with the rest of the rice.
You can also add sweet corn and peas.
Add soy sauce, salt and pepper.
Mix all the ingredients with a fork.
You can replace vegetables with protein.
There are plenty of beans in salad.
Mix the cooked red beans with rice, tomatoes and onions.
Mix salt, garlic powder, Basil, Baili, oregano and olive oil in a bowl.
Pour the seasoning on the rice and bean salad and mix well.
By replacing bread and bread with a glutinous rice dish, it adds an innovative flavor to the traditional burger.
If you have the remaining Thai glutinous rice, make the rice into a flat, dense, shallow meatloaf --
Fried to crisp and golden.
Chicken and rice burrito is a delicious dish that can be made with the rest of the rice, filled with delicious avocado sauce and sour cream.
Heat a large frying pan and mix the rice with corn, onions, beans, rice and salsa. In a medium-
Size bowl, mix the cooked chicken with pepper and cheese.
Place the rice mixture on the hot tortillas and scoop half a cup of chicken mixture.
Fold the tortillas and bake them on a warm grill for two or three minutes.
With these delicious and easy-to-use leftovers solutions, you no longer need to throw away the excess rice.
Just use any of these recipes to make a quick, cheap meal for yourself and your entire family.
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