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what restaurants in the saginaw area have good salmon dishes Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Recipe

by:Two Eight     2019-07-29
I have to have a simple weekend dinner at home.We had chicken for dinner at least a few times a week and I was always looking for new ways to prepare it and keep it fun.I bake it a lot, bake it, and now my favorite way to prepare it is to plug it in!Because broccoli and cheese are perfect, they make a delicious stuffed chicken breast.
My broccolli and cheese stuffed chicken recipes are the ones you want to keep during your weekend dinner rotation.Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.Boil a pot of water and drop broccoli in two minutes.Filter and rinse with cold water to prevent it from cooking further.
Mix the cooked broccoli, onion, 1/2 salt and pepper, mayonnaise and cheese in a bowl and stir well to form the filling.Take a sharp knife and carefully cut the chicken breast in the middle, but not all the way to create a beautiful pocket for the filling.Fill the chicken with fillings, be careful not to overfill, and then season the outside of the chicken with the remaining salt, pepper and pepper.
Fix the filling with toothpick if needed.
You can also season one side of the chicken and then season the other side once in the pan to help prevent the filling from falling off.Add the oil to the cast iron frying pan or oven safe frying pan and heat it to medium and high heat.Add chicken breast and scones on both sides for about 3 minutes until golden brown.
Transfer the frying pan to the oven and continue cooking 15-20 minutes before the chicken is ready.If you don't have an oven-safe frying pan, simply bake in the frying pan and transfer to the baking pan to continue cooking in the oven.This chicken is so delicious that I can't wait for you to try it!.
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