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what restaurant in valencia sells the dish cold tomato soup How to Add Ground Beef to Spaghetti Sauce

by:Two Eight     2019-07-30
Whether you're taking shortcuts, using jarred pasta sauce, or making it yourself, adding meat to a vegetable pasta sauce can be placed on top.While a vegetarian pasta sauce with tomatoes, mushrooms and green peppers may be ideal for many foods, it is made more satisfying with ground beef.Because of the fat content of ground beef, it is necessary to cook separately and then add ground beef to the sauce.
Cook the pasta sauce under low heat to keep it warm.
Break the ground beef into a frying pan.Sprinkle onion and garlic powder on the beef and add salt and pepper if needed.Be careful to overseason ground beef because there is already seasoning in the pasta sauce.
Place the frying pan on the stove and set the burner to medium.
Stir-fry the ground beef.Break the big beef with a spoon and cook it for 10 minutes.
When the beef looks completely brown, remove the ground beef from the heat-There is no pink in the meat.
Remove the fat from the beef and throw it away.
Pour the hot beef directly into the pasta sauce.Watch out for hot splashes when you add meat to the sauce.
Stew the pasta sauce with the meat for 10 minutes and mix the taste.
Remove the pasta sauce from the fire and put it on the pasta.
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