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what restaurant in valencia sells the dish cold tomato soup |

by:Two Eight     2019-07-30
The teppanyaki rice soup is a traditional Chinese dish with chicken, vegetables and crispy rice.In order to make the rice crispy, prepare it before making the soup.Cool the rice and bake it in the oven, then fry it on the stove to make the crispy rice, making this Chinese soup a delicious meal.
Try using different meats or vegetables to make a soup that will appeal to you and your family.Put 1 cup of rice and 2 cups of water into the pan.Heat the water and rice with high temperature until boiling.
Cover the lid and reduce the heat to about 20 minutes.When the water is absorbed and the rice is cooked, remove the pan from the heat.Grease the baking tray with vegetable oil and coat the warm rice on the baking tray.
Bake for two hours at 325 degrees F.
Stir the rice several times during baking, and when the rice is dry and golden brown, remove the rice from the oven.Put the baking pan aside.Cut the chicken breast into small piecesPut the pieces of size into the soup pot.Cut 2 cups of mushrooms into slices and place them in a soup pan.
Add 8 cups of chicken soup, chestnuts, bamboo shoots, 1/2 teaspoon.Put the garlic powder in the soup pot.Put the soup pot on the stove with medium fire.When the ingredients are stewed slowly, lower the heat and simmer slowly for 1 hour.
Pour a pack of peas into the hot mixture and continue to cook for another five minutes.Remove the soup pot from the fire.Chop up the scallions and add them to the soup.Pour 1/4-Put a cup of vegetable oil into a frying pan and heat it over medium heat.
Add rice to the hot oil.
Cook the rice for a few minutes and stir until it is soaked.Fill the soup in a bowl and add some puffed rice to the top of each bowl.When you add the rice to the soup, it will make an attractive hissing sound.
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