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what restaurant in valencia sells the dish cold tomato soup |

by:Two Eight     2019-07-30
Salads are an important part of most cuisine and complement the main course.In addition to meat dishes, bread and soup, it is not uncommon to find salads with green leafy vegetables or other light vegetables.While good manners once required the salad to be served after the main course and before the dessert, this rule is no longer very strict in modern times.
Choose the route that best suits you and your guests and allow flexibility to ensure everyone has a good time.Prepare a salad in a large bowl.Choose a bowl that matches the atmosphere and mood of your meal.Some people like wooden salad bowls, but they can also choose porcelain.
Before putting the salad on the table, make sure the salad is properly stirred so that any dressing can be well distributed by green vegetables.Put a separate salad bowl next to each guest's main course.In less formal settings, such as family dinners, the main course usually shares the plate with the salad.
This is perfectly acceptable if it is suitable for your dining environment.Salad served after main course and before dessert.The tradition of serving salads after the main course stems from the idea that salads help you digest your food.
However, if you are more used to having a salad before the main course ---Either because you always do this or because you want to make sure you and your guests enter your green area before your potatoes ---This is perfectly acceptable.Place two large cutlery in the main salad bowl so guests can serve themselves by filling the salad bowl or adding green vegetables to the main plate.Serving utensils can be two large forks or spoons designed for salads.
You can buy these to match your main salad bowl or even your entire salad --Provide equipment in one kit.Dressing for those who want something extra or if you choose to have your guests season the salad on their own.In the case of informal dining, place two bottles of seasoning or seasoning next to the main salad with a bowl to facilitate wearing.
There are a variety of flavors to match with your salad
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