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What Kind of Food Should You Have at a Sock Hop? - 50 wichita restaurant dishes you have to try 11 20

by:Two Eight     2019-09-19
What Kind of Food Should You Have at a Sock Hop?  -  50 wichita restaurant dishes you have to try 11 20
Even in your first 50 s, sock jumping is a simple party theme.
While you may know to wipe off your mother's pooch skirt and saddle shoes as well as your father's letter sweater for wearing, food in your 50 s can get in the way.
Fortunately, the food in its 50 s is just too familiar.
The soda shop menu on the corner lists everything you need when jumping.
There's nothing easier than a sock-hopping main course--pile up all-
American burgers and condiments.
Forget the beautiful fokassia bread, even the wholewheat buns;
White bread is the standard in her 50 s.
Skip the fancy fix, too;
Plain yellow mustard, ketchup and condiments in plastic containers will fit the theme.
Add fresh sliced tomatoes and lettuce if you feel you need to add vegetables.
If you want to have two main courses, you can put a roast hot dog on the other side of the plate.
French fries or onion rings are the perfect side dish for 50-year-old socks to jump.
Potato chips can replace any side dish you have in a Chinese restaurant.
Other popular colors such as pink and turquoise also apply if you don't have pure white china.
It's hard to get a real soda fountain drink unless you have your own drink
Know how to mix the perfect egg milk, but Coke is the preferred drink at a sock party.
A beer can be used as another option.
If you're looking for more adult snacks, put the wine back in the fridge and get the beer out.
Or punch the fruit into a glass in the punch bowl and drink it.
A beer or cherry cola can do a good job with a sock jump dinner, especially if you provide a table with two straws ---
Not plastic paper. -in every drink.
Milkshakes or malt whiskies also work, especially when you pick up old fountain glasses with grooves at the resale shop to serve them.
If you like dessert, you can bite your teeth and bake a pot of Mama's brownie recipes or cherry pie, both of which serve vanilla ice cream in la mode.
If what you're after is smart and not real, decorate a round cake with dark icing sugar and look like an old LP or 45.
Don't forget to take your toothpick and gum out after dinner.
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