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what is the tax category for dishes in restaurants Why Was the Berlin Wall Taken Down

by:Two Eight     2019-08-06
what is the tax category for dishes in restaurants Why Was the Berlin Wall Taken Down
The Berlin Wall in Berlin, Germany is a system of concrete walls.Designed to prevent residents of East Berlin from entering barbed wire, checkpoints and control stations in West Berlin.After the Nazis were defeated in World War II, Germany was occupied by the allies of the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and France.Germany was divided into two halves, one was controlled by Soviet forces, the latter was incorporated into the communist regime, the other half was occupied by three other countries and allowed to form its own government.The same is true in Berlin.
By the beginning of 1960 century, thousands of East Berlin people were entering the western part of the city.They fled from the Communist crackdown.Control the East Berlin in the West Berlin of relative democracy and progress.In an effort to prevent massive outflows, the Berlin Wall was built in East Germany or the German Democratic Republic (GDR.The Berlin Wall was improved and strengthened from 1961 to 1975 to prevent further entry into West Berlin.
The fall of the Berlin Wall began in the 1980 s, when the Soviet Union began to lose its once feared power.One by one, the Communist regime in the Iron Curtain (Eastern European countries) began to overthrow one by one.Hungary opened its border to allow Germans to flee to West Germany.Large-scale demonstrations in East Germany forced the government to lift travel restrictions on East Germans.On November 9, 1989, thousands of East Berlin flocked to checkpoints along the Berlin Wall, demanding entry into West Berlin.The sudden rise of many Germans and looser travel restrictions forced border troops to finally open their borders.
The Berlin Wall is a branch of the Communist Soviet Union and the capitalist Western Cold War.The communist regime established by the Soviet Union in East Germany and other Eastern European countries was repressive.West Germany and other Western European countries enjoy freedoms that citizens do not enjoy under Communist rule, such as freedom of the press, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and private property rights.The resulting situation makes the economic and political conditions of Eastern Europe less favorable than those of Western Europe.Forty years of authoritarian rule has disappointed people with communism.When the reform failed to improve the conditions of the Communist Party membersCitizens of Poland, East Germany and the Czech Republic demanded a complete change in government.
The fall of the Berlin Wall was attributed to two factors.Germans under Communist rule have had enough of bad economic conditions and authoritarian regimes, and they are seeking a better life that they see or hearCommunist countryAnother factor is that the communist government in East Germany cannot resolve the objection.The weakening of the Soviet Union made GDR's influence and strength weak.

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