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what is the tax category for dishes in restaurants Signs that Summer Has Arrived

by:Two Eight     2019-08-05
Summer is the hottest season of the year.It is usually marked by mild weather, so most people go on holiday due to the fine weather.People also flock to the beach to catch some rays.
1.The first answer to this question is when the summer begins and the day is longer than the night.Sunset is later than usual and people can stay outside longer.
2.The second answer to this question is when you notice changes in your surroundings and when does summer start.The air gets wet and you smell the flowers in full bloom.This is the time for vegetation and animals to return to life.Because the soil is in good condition, plants usually grow about an inch every day.
3.The third answer to the question of when to start in summer is when you see a lot of people enjoying a barbecue night in the backyard.You will also see a lot of kids playing outside longer.In the evening, you can also hear the sounds of birds such as sparrows.Several people also took time to have a picnic on the beach.Some people like to tan in the hot sun.Because of the weather in summer, people also like to play different sports, such as basketball and volleyball.This is why we hold the Summer Olympic Games.
4.The fourth answer to this question is when the summer vacation begins, and the school will make way for the students' summer vacation.This usually happens in the third week of May Day.Typical summer vacations in northern hemisphere countries begin in late August until the last week.
5.Another sign of summer is the emergence of tropical cyclones.Summer is not limited to dry weather;It can also be a wet season when a hurricane occurs.The cyclone forms from the ocean and can be very dangerous when it becomes strong.
6.Another feature of the beginning of summer is when you see birds flying back to their habitat.They come back after migration.After spring, you will see trees and other plants come back to life.
7.When you see people buying summer clothes, summer begins too.Summer clothes should be cooler than the ones you wear in autumn and winter.Because the temperature will get very wet, it should be as light as possible.

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