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what is the tax category for dishes in restaurants Portraying the Human Figure

by:Two Eight     2019-08-05
The graphic drawing starts with a stick stroke, which is a skeleton that can accommodate all components of the composition in subsequent stages.An important factor in this sketch is the action line, which will take up most of the body of the picture: from the neck to a foot.This is a simple and comprehensive line that will determine the pose of the character.
The action line also determines the character's personality because the way the line is bent or stretched adequately depicts the feature.Heroes are usually presented with strong vertical strokes;the weak-Including the evil bodyGenius is usually drawn into a bow string.This usually proves that it is effective to portray characters by silhouette.
From the stick-On the character stage, the artist has determined the height ratio of the subject.The average height of the human male figure is usually around six heads.In doing so, the artist measures the head of his graphics and calculates that six of them are stacked on top of the other.The normal female image is five heads,Four-year-old human childThis is easy to do when the graphics are drawn to stand up and watch from a normal perspective.However, from a shortened point of view, this measurement is not applicable and the part closest to the audience is usually the largest.
As we all know, artists often insist on dynamic characters, and many beginners associate this type of painting with characters in Hero Comics, which show exaggerated poses and poses.Dynamic Graphics refers to illustrations that adhere to the basic harmony of elements such as perspective, lines and proportions.The artist suggests that trainees take the time to shape their characters, paying special attention to the balance of the characters with respect to the posture.It must be noted that all elements of the composition, including volume-The illusion of the character collective--Don't conflict with each other.
In determining the balance of the characters, the artist determines the center of gravity.From then on, this proposal must adhere to the proportion.Even without the use of shadows, there is no doubt that the image of any personality is firmly positioned on its center of gravity.
The line that pays close attention to use determines the success of this number.The artist must understand the basic purpose of this line from the stickThe stage of his drawing.Horizontal lines are usually static lines.Although a character can draw a lot of moves on a level, viewers and artists usually use this line to imagine a resting person.
The vertical industry is also considered a break line, but it also implies a surge in energy that can flow.The figure standing upright depicts this suggestion.
The diagonal line is the line of action.A walking figure consists of two diagonal legs.The runner's action line is a slash, and so is each limb of the body.

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