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what is the tax category for dishes in restaurants Importance of Having A Constitution

by:Two Eight     2019-08-05
The American Constitution was formulated in the 18 th century.In 1789, the Constitution came into effect, and since then it has played an important role in keeping the United States safe and orderly.
1.The first answer to the question of why the Constitution is formulated is because all rights of citizens have a legal basis.The US Constitution contains a Bill of Rights.You can see the complete list that all American citizens can enjoy.You can still see the original drafts presented in Washington.C.
2.The second answer to the question of why the Constitution should be formulated is because it is a strong framework for peace and order in any country.In the United States, the Constitution addresses the urgent need for all countries to integrate under a unified model.The Constitution is the supreme law that everyone needs to uphold.The US Constitution is one of the shortest in the world.
3.The third answer to why the Constitution is formulated is because it is the basis of any legal entity authority.Law enforcers, judges, lawyers, mayors and other politicians cannot abuse the law because they also need to abide by the Constitution.
4.The fourth answer to why the Constitution is formulated is because it provides the right way for the US government to organize their government.It defines the duties of each government agency in a clear and precise manner.Congress is the legislature, the president is the main leader of the executive, and the Supreme Court is the head of the judiciary.
5.The fifth answer to why the Constitution was formulated was because it pointed the way for all three major departments of the US government.The constitution outlines all the powers that can be exercised by each government department, while clarifying the powers that can also be exercised by each citizen.It makes clear the importance of being accountable to the government, particularly in relation to court trials.This ensures the welfare of all people by determining what the government can and cannot do.It also establishes the fact that the government's judicial, administrative and legislative bodies are interdependent.
6.The sixth answer to why the Constitution of the United States is important is to outline all the freedoms that every American can enjoy, that is, freedom of speech, freedom of access to the media, freedom of religion, freedom of petition and freedom to establish parliament.

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