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what is the tax category for dishes in restaurants How to Correctly Cut Your Own Bangs

by:Two Eight     2019-08-05

The required material is a sharp haircut scissors, a tooth styling comb, a clip for fixing the hair, and a mirror with a bracket.

Cut off some of your your hair on the side of your hair or tie it to your back with a rubber band.Decide how many bangs you want to cut.Use the external part of the eyebrows to decide where the cut will stop.Put down the hair you want to cut with a comb.
Collect the hair you will cut into bangs in the middle of your face.If you want the bangs to be just under the eyebrows in length, place a part of your hair on the bridge of your nose.Screw three to four times while continuing to keep the hair in the middle of the total length you want.
Hold your hair with your handDominate, cut at the length you want with the dominant hand.Twisting it will allow the extra length to be pulled while you fix it with your hands, and will also give you a "soft look ".Bangs fall to the length you want after cutting, and the side part is longer than the middle part.

Hair doesn't usually stretch, so you have to comb it before you cut it.Use your fingers as a guide to cutting.Mark the cut point of the bangs from the ear until the outer part of the eyebrows.You can also split the bangs into different parts and twist each part.Clamp each part under the eyebrows.
Do not move your eyebrows when making bangs, as you may accidentally cut them off.If your hair is thin, then you 've got your hair wet before you cut it so you just separate the bangs.Put it on your forehead with a comb.Twist it over.
With your non-Hold it where the bangs will stop.Cut bangs with scissors in your hand.If you want to curl the bangs with the help of the roller, please leave an extra length.If you have a curly hair, leave one more.After each cut, allow your hair to return to its original shape, so that you can see the length of it before continuing to cut it.
If you have curly hair, cut your hair with a 40-angle scissorsFive degrees, allowing the hair to curl the outer edge of the hair longer than the hair to curl the inner edge of the hair.This will keep the curls together.

If you're just a beginner, remember to leave only a small amount of bangs.Be careful when you use a haircut scissors near your eyes.You can also ask another person to help you if you don't want to make any mistakes.

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