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by:Two Eight     2019-08-03
Blackpool is a resort on the Lancashire coast in northwest England.The town attracts about 10 million visitors a year and is the most popular seaside resort in Europe.Historically, Blackpool's success is largely due to its proximity to the industrial town of Lancashire, which has a large urban population.Lancashire, especially Manchester, is the center of the 19 th century British Industrial Revolution.At this time, Manchester is an extremely important manufacturing city.It is the focus of cotton trade, surrounded by mills such as Bolton, Bury, Rochdale and Oldham and its textile industry.Thousands of people poured into these factories and mills from rural areas and further afield like Ireland, and the population of Manchester and the nearby mill town grew rapidly.These developments took place about fifty miles from Blackpool University.It would be nice if someone could get there.Blackpool has been a quiet seaside village for hundreds of years.It's hard to get there surrounded by swamps and forests.It was not until 1781 that the first road was built in the town, which allowed people to arrive in a public carriage.Even so, the resort is not easy to get to because the trip is both uncomfortable and time consuming: traveling from Manchester can take a full day and traveling from Yorkshire can take two days.It should also be noted that there are very few recreational facilities for tourists in Blackpool at this time.There is a narrow Lawn Promenade, a theater, a bowling alley and an archery area.The main attractions are the seaside: People take a walk or horse ride along the beach and swim in the sea.They even drank the water that was very popular at the time.
What really changed everything was the arrival of the Blackpool regional railway.In 1840, a railway was built with the initial goal of transporting passengers to the town of fleewood, located in the north of Blackpool.Sir Peter husky, founder of fleewood, proposed to build a harbor and resort on his land.However, the development of fleewood has never been a complete success, and the railway is also in financial difficulties.Only passengers from the mill town of Lancashire saved it, and many of them took carriages and other carriages from Bolton station to Blackpool.In 1846, Blackpool itself built a train station with direct access to the resort.It is quite cheap and easy to go to Blackpool now, and people are starting to arrive more and more, and the number is unexpected.They are from not only Lancashire but also the North of England.In 1863, another railway station was built in the center of Blackpool to help thousands of people who want to go on vacation.The large number of people who come to Blackpool now provides the impetus for local business people and municipalities to improve their recreational facilities.In the next 40 years, Blackpool has changed.Three docks open.Built the Blackpool Tower, built the Winter Garden and Opera House, the Blackpool lighting started, launched the development of the Golden Mile, and worked out ambitious plans to create a large amusement park --Eventually become the most popular resort in England.The infrastructure of the town has been greatly improved.A gas plant was built with a gas street lamp, a water company was set up, the pipeline water supply was provided, the electric street lamp was introduced, and the work of the tram system was started.From the fact that Blackpool can accommodate about tourists at the end of the 19 th century, it can be seen that the impact of tourism on the resortMore than 7 times the population of 35,000.In the coming century, the number of tourists is increasing.At the peak, Blackpool receives about 19 million vacationers a year.Nearly half of Britain's population.Photos of Blackpool after World War II vividly illustrate the popularity of the resort, and in Blackpool in early 1960, the entire length of the promenade and the beach was packed, all British resorts are also in recession.Just as cheap rail trips brought crowds here at the height of Blackpool, cheap air flights took them to sunny beaches and more reliable weather on the Mediterranean coast.However, decline is a relative concept.Blackpool still attracts about 10 million people a year, and many resorts that are said to be prosperous will think they are lucky to have so many tourists.George Edmonds, the manager of Blackpool holiday apartments, is involved in the Blackpool tourism industry.He is also interested in the history of Blackpool, especially the lights of Blackpool and the history of Blackpool trams.
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