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What is Pepperoni and How is It Made? - most popular side dishes in restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-08
What is Pepperoni and How is It Made?  -  most popular side dishes in restaurants
The Italian sausage is a very delicious sausage.
The most popular pizza in America.
Tastessence tells you everything you need to know about this humble bacon.
"Peperoni" in Italian refers to the big sweet pepper, which has nothing to do with meat.
Although there are similar variations of spicy Italian sausage, the creation of spicy sausage is entirely American.
First of all, we all know this is a spicy sausage.
Some of its more explicit features are that it's air.
Perfectly dry, smoked, spicy, good-
Delicate and soft texture.
The birth and history of this sausage is intertwined with the first Italian butcher and pizza shops in New York City in the early 20 th century.
While it does seek inspiration from some spicy sausage recipes in southern Italy, the Italians themselves have never called it "spicy sausage ".
Italian sausage is a sausage made of chopped beef and pork.
In addition, several spices and red peppers were added, and finally the culture of processing and preserving meat was added.
Other versions of turkey and chicken replace pork or beef, but doing so will obviously affect its authenticity.
Although the Italian sausage may not have direct contact with Italy, it was invented in Italy --
Americans, interestingly, roast pork is a practice that dates back to the Roman Empire.
As we all know, the Romans pioneered the process of keeping meat for a long time without refrigeration technology. âx97¼ The born-in-
S. spicy sausage is produced in accordance with the strict guidelines set by the US Department of Agriculture.
These regulations and rules ensure that there is no contamination of any type of bacon.
In the United States, pepperoni is synonymous with "Rommel", the most popular brand in the United States so far.
Rommel Foods, founded in 1891, serves a variety of sausage sausages that can be eaten as they are now, as well as a sandwich, an inclusion in calzone, and don't forget pizza.
They need a medium for their recipes.
Chopped version of the meat, add red pepper and other spices.
Whether it's a packaged variety or homemade, each spicy sausage has its own list of ingredients.
It is clear that the main content does remain the same, and the changes mainly occur in the variety and proportion of spices and peppers used.
First Chop or chop the meat.
The spices are then added to the meat together with the marinade.
This mixture is sealed and refrigerated for about 3 days.
After that, the mixture is removed from the refrigerator and ready to be stuffed into the casing.
The casings are packed in salt water, which is why they need to be soaked in water for a long time to remove salinity.
Once the casings are ready, they are stuffed with marinated meat and sealed, and it is appropriate to do sosized links.
Then refrigerate these for about 10-12 hours.
Then hang these meat chains to dry, preferably in a smoke room until ready in a few weeks.
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