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what is bone china dinnerware made of The History Behind Your Plate

by:Two Eight     2019-08-17
what is bone china dinnerware made of The History Behind Your Plate
From flat shells to simple carved wooden bowls, to hard slices of bread, to modern porcelain as we know it today, the plates have come a long way.
In fact, we use them every day, several times a day.
Plate, bread, butter, dessert.
But have you ever sat down and wondered where your plate came from?
Or, how did it come?
I believe this is one of the simplest inventions.
Simple plate.
It is believed that the earliest plates used by people should be large leaves, gourd or shells, which can be used as simple bowls for food.
The food will be placed on a large leaf or other container located in the center of the eating area and then eaten collectively by all members of the tribe, family or group.
The use of clay was discovered very early and simple bowls, cups, kettles and storage tanks were made for themselves.
Museums around the world can see examples of pottery tableware made by these early people.
It is a fairly new idea for individuals to have their own plates to eat.
Originally in Europe, the food was served with plates and carved on the table.
People then use their fingers to take what they want from the plate.
Put bread and fruit in a basket on the floor for diners to help themselves.
Early gouges were made of wood, pottery, or metal.
Bread is the most popular raw material for making gougers.
This lasted for the 16 th century.
These slices of bread will be used to preserve food, sauces, and even salt for dinner.
Bread is hard enough to be used as a candle holder or to carve food.
In a particularly delicate meal, each restaurant will carve out several goulers.
Well, they will carve out more important diners at the table.
Those who are less important are expected to carve their own gouges from the nearest bread.
After the meal will be thrown to the dog to eat, or as a charity to the poor.
After absorbing all the juice from the food, they will actually be very full and nutritious.
They will, of course, chew more easily.
It is indeed a very hungry man who will eat this bread.
Very rough flour is used when making bread, then sit them down and Harden for a few days before slicing.
Wooden gougers can also be used, although they are less common than bread gougers.
These slabs are sometimes carved into dents in the middle.
More complex gouges, such as the photos here, may have a smaller dent for storing salt pits.
At the end of the meal, when cheese and other delicacies are brought in, one will expect a clean trench.
The modern dessert dish was developed from these smaller "dessert" excavators.
For centuries, plates have evolved into plates we use today.
In the middle ages, those who could afford it bought a plate of white wax.
However, lead used to make pewter dissolves, especially when high-acid foods are placed on top, leading to lead poisoning.
One kind of food that causes this is the humble tomato, so it is believed that the tomato is poisonous.
Poor people can't afford plates, so there is wood digging ditches.
However, health practices are not the same as they are today, and these gouges are not usually cleaned between meals.
Bacteria and worms produced inside the wood can cause people to have sore mouth.
This is where we get the phrase "trench mouth.
Over time, the plates became more delicate.
From pottery to tin paper to other metals.
With the advancement of technology, the plates are made of finer pieces of porcelain and porcelain.
You can find very simple, very gorgeous dishes today.
The best in China can serve fine meals, but many families use unbreakable plastic plates every day.
Today, you can dine on the best Chinese or cheap paper plates.
Bread is a thing of the past.
These days it is used for eating, but you can also eat stew or other food with a plate or bowl made of bread if you wish.
You can buy a ready-made bread, then dig it out and make it into a bowl.
Round crust bread works best.
Or you can do it yourself.
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