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what is bone china dinner set why is bone china so expensive? | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
All ceramics, including tableware, are pottery, pottery or porcelain.In the porcelain category, there are hardpaste, soft-Paste and bone china.Bone porcelain, known for its bright white, translucent and strength, is the most famous and expensive fine porcelain.
Porcelain can be traced back to the Shang dynasty of China (16 th to 11 th century ).C.), But until the Han Dynasty (206 200 A.D.) It went to England.There, the Potters embraced the art form, which they called "China" because of its origin ".Hard-Chinese clay (also known as "kaolin soil": a soft white clay first mined from the flower King)Lingshan, Guangxi, China), pettongxie (a feldsp rock mixed with Chinese clay) and Flint.
The finished product is fired at very high temperatures (up to 1,400 °c or 2,552 F), usually in shades of gray or blue, easily forming pieces.Soft-Paste-like porcelain made of Chinese clay and petuntse and "frit", a ground glassAs with the material, it burns at a lower temperature (1,100 °c or 2,015 F) and is brittle, porous and therefore unsuitable for holding liquids.Bone porcelain includes ashes, White Earth and White Earth.
Launch at the same high temperature as hard-Paste China, it's powerful, chipResistant, completely waterproof, the color is usually bright white.At the end of the 18 th century, the British pottery company Spode made important progress in China.Founded by Josiah Spode I, the company initially produced reproductions and original works of Chinese pottery.
Josiah Spode II, who took over the family business in the 1700 s, is determined to create a stronger and brighter China.In his experiments with beef bones, he found that he could create a pure white color and strengthen the porcelain to make the finished product very thin.Delicate translucent-At the same time, it still resists chips and breaks.
In China, other British Potters soon accepted the use of ashes.To date, the Spode formula used by British potters is about six-part Ashes, four-part petuntse, and three-part one-Half of Chinese clay.The Ashes do come from bones, usually from animals that are processed into dog food.
Clean all remaining meat and glue and the bones are heated to 1000 °c (1832 F--Slightly hotter than crematorium), then ground to ashes, mixed with petuntse and clay.Getting bone china materials costs more than most hard China materialspaste and soft-Paste porcelain.In addition, porcelain paint and other printed materials for the production of its pottery decorate their works, increasing the cost of design and production.
Well-For centuriesOld pottery like Spode and Wedgewood has built a reputation for quality and design.Collectors appreciate features that can be found only with bone porcelain: beautifully designed, translucent and delicate, but strong enough for delicate dining or other purposes
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