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by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
Ceramic tableware has always been popular because it is durable and attractive.Porcelain is easy to clean, no damage and no stains.Porcelain is usually white, and the high temperature firing process used to produce porcelain usually makes it translucent, and you can see your hand through it when it is lifted to light.
Porcelain also comes with a decorative design that does not fade due to use.Ceramic tableware is hard.When the glass breaks, paste the ingredients that look like the glass.Ceramics refer to several kinds of clay.Production process that requires heating.The word "ceramic" comes from the Greek word "keramikos", meaning pottery, based on the Sanskrit root, meaning "burning ".
\ "Porcelain is different from other ceramics in terms of purity and white of production materials, such as clay pottery, pottery and pottery.It also varies in firing temperature.-The firing temperature of porcelain is as high as 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.The porcelain is made of 50% clay, 25% stone and 25% quartz.
The bone porcelain consists of the base of the Ashes, and in order to obtain the same or better results, it allows the burning temperature to be as low as 1450 degrees Fahrenheit.Bone porcelain is more brittle than other non-bone porcelain products.Both bone and porcelain are glass.When heated at a temperature, China becomes glass-like, which makes clay and clay or volcanic ash combined as a product.
The porcelain has a hard surface and is not easy to crack or crack.Noritake reported that porcelain and bone porcelain are the most durable materials for tableware and tested to compare its porcelain products with daily porcelain to prove this claim.The same test shows that porcelain is also a dishwasher.
Nikko, another major Chinese manufacturer, reported on the recent development and sale of a blue reinforced porcelain that has higher durability than other porcelain products.The most durable ceramic tableware is free of gold or platinum.If you want to use your porcelain tableware every day, choose a pattern without gold or platinum decoration, which can easily be damaged due to exposure to overheating, lemonBased on washing liquid or microwave.
Could be handmade.
But most manufacturers use decals when making tableware.The glaze covers the porcelain body and the lower firing temperature creates a good surface for the decoration.Some pieces have several layers of glaze, and the firing temperature of each layer of glaze is lower than before.
Each layer of glaze adds protection to the porcelain.The porcelain is affordable, as are the dishwasher and microwave, but China is good.If it falls on a hard surface, the porcelain will break.
High glaze though-After lighting, you can scrape the surface with utensils, especially knives.The valuable porcelain should be handmade.Because the dishwasher will always introduce the possibility of objects colliding with each other during the cycle.
Take care of your porcelain tableware and it will last for generations
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