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What is a Three-Well Sink? - how to clean restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-26
What is a Three-Well Sink?  -  how to clean restaurant dishes
Most commercial kitchens have a dishwasher that reduces the time it takes to clean, clean and disinfect tableware, utensils, glassware, etc.
However, for those small restaurants, especially new ones, they use threewell sink.
Now, as a kitchen steward, know these three-
Sink and how to use it.
To put it simply, three
The Well sink is just a dishwashing device consisting of three compartments or sinks.
The first sink is used to clean the kitchen items, and the second sink is used to clean the items.
On the other hand, the third sink is used to disinfect kitchen items.
ProcedureHere is a step-by-step process on how to use three-well sink.
The first thing the kitchen Butler has to do is scrape off all the remaining food particles that are still attached to the kitchen items.
Food particles should be thrown into the appropriate trash can.
After that, he has to pre-press or rinse them to loosen the food particles that are hard to scrape, which remain on the kitchen items.
After a few minutes, the kitchen attendant had to put them in the first sink.
The first sink should contain warm water mixed with detergent.
Although for a specific amount of water, he should know that there is a proper amount of detergent, so it is better for him to follow the instructions or instructions in the detergent container.
The kitchen attendant must then thoroughly scrub the item with a scrub pad or brush to ensure that all remaining food particles are cleared.
If the water becomes greasy or too dirty, he should replace the water as needed to ensure that the item is properly cleaned.
After cleaning, he should load them into the second sink and rinse there.
The second sink contains clean water and should be replaced from time to time when the water becomes too turbid.
After cleaning, the kitchen items are transferred to the third sink for disinfection.
There is hot water in the third sink, usually around 170 degrees Fahrenheit, and maybe even hotter.
In order to ensure that the kitchen items are thoroughly disinfected, the kitchen steward must ensure that the temperature of the water is not lower than the specified temperature.
Some restaurants, however, use disinfectant instead of just hot water.
The water temperature can be anywhere from comfortable 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and the disinfectant solution is added to it.
The kitchen Butler must ensure that the appropriate amount of disinfectant solution is used in the right amount of water to ensure the correct disinfection of the kitchen items.
After sanitizing the kitchen items, the kitchen steward must dry them.
He should know that wiping kitchen supplies with a very clean rag is also a big taboono.
Instead, he should allow them to air.
Dry on the sterilized clothes rack.
After drying, transfer them to the appropriate storage container.
Proper storage of kitchen items should be open to the bottom to prevent dust and sundries from being collected at the bottom.
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