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what is a signature dish at a restaurant pho noodle soup viet nam - soups -

by:Two Eight     2019-06-09
The signature dish "pho" in Vietnam (pronounced "fuh") is a very satisfying bowl of beef and sometimes chicken, noodle soup, "Heal Your Troubles ", and provide fillings at any time of the day.I have stayed in Hanoi for more than four years, went to many places in Vietnam and tasted a lot of delicious Vietnamese soup, however, compared to a bowl of river powder that can be seen everywhere in restaurants and corner of the country, almost all the river powder became pale.In my favorite list, its only major competitor is the "bread Commerce Department" that I have eaten several times in the city of nantin ".
The origin of Pho is a bit vague, but it doesn't matter...No matter where you eat it, no matter what form it is, it is delicious and definitely the most popular.In northern Vietnam, most people think that the Vietnamese river powder originated in Hanoi, but some people think that the Vietnamese river powder comes from the southern province of Vietnam.
I don't know which statement is correct, but the best pho I 've ever had is "pho tinh" in a small restaurant in Hanoi, not far from Van Mieu (Palace of literature.Because I don't remember the exact address...I just said to the taxi driver "Pho Ting, Ton Duc Thang, who knows where to go.
It's hard to determine what makes this "pho" so special.Perhaps the company of a very good friend, perhaps the elegant sliced scallions floating on a particularly delicious broth...Whatever it is, this is the best pho I have ever had.
I hope that one day I will find this secret and copy it at home.My Vietnamese friend accompanied me on a pho trip to Ton Duc Thang Street and he told me that this pho came from Nam Dinh.She and I also often meet at a local pho store near her office, and I really like it, but my Vietnamese colleague says that's the only thing --so.
It may be that the air conditioner in the store affected my positive impression during the summer...After all, I am a foreigner from a cold climate and I think the temperature in the dining place is an important factor.You can eat River powder all over Vietnam, usually for breakfast.
It seemed to me that it was a perfect breakfast (or lunch or dinner) that was more attractive than traditional Western bacon, eggs and toast.Slur bites from the porcelain bowl with chopsticks and metal or ceramic spoons are also more interesting.Unless you eat River powder at some point during the day, you can't say you 've been to Vietnam.
It is a lasting symbol of the soul of this country, and it will surely satisfy you
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