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by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
If you're confused about the date you see on the egg box, it's not surprising.It's hard to understand food dating.A more puzzling fact is that there are no dates on the food packaging ---Not even "date of use "--It is a sign of food safety.On the contrary, the packaging date refers to the quality of the product.
The "expired" or "sold by date" dates on some egg cartons help ensure that the eggs are fresh by informing the grocery store not to sell the eggs after the marked date.These dates are also intended to encourage you to use them when the eggs are of the highest quality.The shelf life on the carton is not required, however, if used, no more than 30 days after the egg is packed.
Because Packers or retailers can choose a date below 30 days, your local retailer can give you more complete information on how many days are allowed to "press" or "due date" after packaging.Some Cartons show Julian's date on the short side of the carton.Julian's date was the day the eggs were packed.
-From 001 on January 1 to 365 on December 31.For example, 166 eggs will be marked in June 15.Some other Egg Packers print an open date-July 15, for example.
-On the shell.
If properly refrigerated, the shell egg will maintain a negligible loss of quality for at least four to five weeks after Julian or the packing date.If there is no Julian or packaging date, using your eggs within three weeks of purchase will have the possibility that your eggs may have been temporarily stored by the retailer before you buy them.Why is security not a factor in these dates?Food safety depends on a lot of things, including how you handle and store eggs and other foods.
Quality and safety changes on the package can occur before or after the date.For example, if you put a completeOn a hot day, Cook deli ham and a box of eggs in the trunk of your car, and then run a few legs before you refrigerate ham and eggs at home, you reduced the shelf for ham and eggs.Increased risk of your foodborne illness --Regardless of the package date.
Even if eggs are refrigerated, time can cause quality differences, especially in appearance.With the maturity of the egg, the protein is thin and the egg yolk is flat.This means that if you fry eggs, the eggs will spread more in the pan, and if you dig the eggs, there will be more white "angel wings" in the water ".
Because the egg yolk film will also weaken as you age, the egg yolk may break, whether you like it or not.For recipes that are not important in shape, especially when white is beaten with egg yolks, you can still use eggs.However, the weakening of the egg yolk membrane makes it easier for bacteria ---If they were there-Nutritious egg yolk.
Therefore, in order to prevent the possibility of food poisoning, it is better to use older eggs such as quiches, stratas and baked goods in fully cooked foods.If handled properly, the shelf for eggs is quite long.Life span compared to other perishable foods.
For quality and safety, Simply refrigerate the eggs and cook them correctly.-NU is available on the health and nutrition website for information about preparing for birth, primary pregnancy and other information
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