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what are the most popular dishes at chinese restaurant The Ten Most Common Chinese Surnames

by:Two Eight     2019-08-18
what are the most popular dishes at chinese restaurant The Ten Most Common Chinese Surnames
Each language has the most common list of last names.
For a long time, the most common English surnames were Smith and Jones.
There are also 100 lists of the most common surnames in Chinese.
This article introduces the ten most common Chinese surnames and
Chinese who have used these surnames. 1.
Wang is the most common Chinese surname in the world today.
Nearly 10% of Chinese people in mainland China have this surname.
This surname with an ancient origin is spelled and pronounced differently in different groups of Chinese dialects. . . .
Some wells-
The Chinese with Wang's surname include Wang Shiyan, a painter;
Wang Wei, poet of Tang Dynasty;
Wang Dan, student leader of Tiananmen objection in 1989;
And former Emperor Wang Ming. 2.
The second most common Chinese surname is Li.
It means plum or plum tree.
Mandarin and Minnan. Lei.
Some famous Chinese surnamed Li are: philosopher Li Er or Lao Tzu;
Li Bai, poet of Tang Dynasty;
Martial arts film star Bruce Lee or Bruce Lee; Li Teng-
The former president of Taiwan returned to the people;
Li Peng, former prime minister of the People's Republic of China (China), 1989. 3.
The third most popular Chinese surname is Zhang.
It means drawing a bow or Archer.
Zhang's spelling and pronunciation from ancient Zhang's are different among different Chinese users.
Traditional Wade-
People who speak Mandarin use Giles spelling in Taiwan. Cheung. . Well-
The Chinese with Zhang's surname include Zhang Xueliang, a former Manchu warlord;
Zhang Daqian, an artist;
Zhang Yimou, a mainland filmmaker.
One of my friends is also surnamed Zhang. 4.
The fourth most common Chinese surname is Liu.
Before 2000, it was the last name of the Han dynasty ruling family.
Cantonese, Hakka and Minnan.
Some of the more famous Chinese surnamed Liu include Liu Bang, the founder of the Han Dynasty;
Liu Shaoqi, a Chinese politician;
Liu Zongyuan, a poet in the Tang Dynasty. 5.
The fifth most common Chinese surname is Chen.
It originated in the ancient state of Chen. . Chan. .
Some of the more famous Chinese surnamed Chen include Chen Zhenhua.
Founder of YoutubeChen Shui-
Chairman of Kuomintang Republic of China (Taiwan) 2000-2008;
Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan.
My former Chinese teacher was Arthur Chen, and a good friend of mine was Robert Chen. 6.
Yang is the sixth-largest surname in China.
It originated from the young family founded on the 8 th. 9th century B. C.
It is the spelling and pronunciation of people who speak Mandarin.
The spelling and pronunciation of other Chinese families are different. Young. .
Some famous Chinese named Yang include the first emperor of the Sui Dynasty, Yang Jin 581-618 A. D; Jerry Yang, co-
Founder of Yahoo;
And Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei. 7.
Huang is the seventh most common surname.
This surname has the meaning of yellow. Huang. Wang. A few well-
The Chinese named Huang, including the first Chinese, Huang menzan
US fighter pilot
A Thai family of yellow Peiqian or Puey Ungpakorn
Chinese bureaucrats who play an important role in Thailand's economic development and higher education; and Huang Hsin-
Mr. Xie, first chairman of Taiwan's DPP. 8.
The eighth most common surname of Chinese people is Zhao.
This is the royal surname of the Song Dynasty in 960-1279.
Romanization of Mandarin in Chinese pinyin;
But in Wade-.
In MinnanTeo.
Zhao's important Chinese characters include Zhao Ziyang, former Chinese president, in 1989;
Yuan Renchao, a Chinese linguist;
Zhao Wenshan, an artist and actor. 9.
Zhou is the ninth most common Chinese surname in the world.
It originated in the Zhou dynasty many years ago.
It is romanization of Chinese Pinyin used in China.
People who speak Mandarin. . Well-
Chinese people with Zhou Enlai's surname include Zhou Enlai, China's first prime minister;
Zhou Shuren, a great revolutionary communist writer named by Lu Xun;
Zhou Long, composer;
There is also William Kwai Sun Zhou, a martial artist. 10.
Finally, Wu is the tenth most common surname in China.
The name of this surname originated in Wu Guo, now in Jiangsu province. . . for Wu.
The famous Chinese named Wu include Wu Yi, deputy
Chinese Premier;
Taiwan-born Japanese instant noodle inventor Wu Baifu;
Hong Kong entrepreneur, billionaire and politician Wu Guangjiang.
Among the Chinese, only about 400 surnames are used.
This article lists the ten most commonly used by Chinese people.
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