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what are the most popular dishes at chinese restaurant Shenyang food guide - What type of food to expect in Shenyang, China

by:Two Eight     2019-08-18
what are the most popular dishes at chinese restaurant Shenyang food guide - What type of  food to expect in Shenyang, China
Shenyang is a city in Northeast China, located in China's leoning province, home to millions of Chinese and thousands of foreigners from all over the world.
In terms of food, Shenyang has a wide variety of food for anyone to enjoy.
As a newcomer, it seems a bit difficult to find a good taste, but those who already live in the city can tell you where you can get good food.
This article will introduce you to the different types of food you can find in Shenyang.
You will find different stalls on the road, along the traffic signal and outside the subway station to sell different kinds of food at very reasonable prices.
In most places, you can find egg tarts with sauce, sausage, eggs and lettuce ("egg tarts" in Chinese ").
You can ask the seller to add or remove anything you don't like and they will make paratha based on your choice.
Paratha is big enough for breakfast or dinner.
If you are late for breakfast or feel hungry on your way home, you can easily take anything from these stalls and chew on your trip.
The food in these stalls tastes different and is actually good.
Almost everywhere in Shenyang, you can find some delicious food from the small Chinese restaurants along the road.
Although most of them are made exclusively for noodles, you can easily find other foods such as friend rice, chowder, Curry, chapatti and so on.
Most of these restaurants have pictures of a variety of rice and noodles that you can order from and they also encourage some changes based on your wishes.
The noodles in these restaurants are delicious.
In some restaurants, you can easily get noodles as low as 7 yuan, and you can add soy sauce and mixed chili sauce to season.
They serve noodles, sauces, vegetables, eggs, meat and whatever you like. Yes!
Yes, you can also find food in other countries in Shenyang.
There are restaurants in India, Pakistan, Turkey, Arabia, South Korea and more where you can enjoy food from other countries.
Restaurants offering food from other countries are expensive compared to local restaurants.
So you may enjoy going on special occasions or groups so that you can enjoy the food for a penny.
You can find Biryani, pakoras, samosa, karahi, etc. from South Asian countries, and you can also get flafel and kebabs from Turkey.
Great taste!
Buffet restaurants are common in Shenyang.
Buffet is available in almost all restaurants.
There are many kinds of buffet.
From the mainland to China, drinks, salads, fruits and omelette, and many things that people can think.
The average buffet is 70 yuan per person, more than you think.
You need to have a lot of space in your belly to store all the delicious food prepared by the chefs of these amazing buffet restaurants.
Well, if you are in China, you have to try one of the country's most famous dishes-"hot pot ".
As the name suggests, you will get a large dish of boiled water, placed on the stove in front of you, with all the vegetables, meat and sauces available that you can order from the menu.
The best thing about hot pot is that you choose to eat it yourself;
You cook for yourself.
It's important to choose a hotpot restaurant because you don't want to waste all your money on a regular hotpot restaurant.
How to eat hot pot?
Hot pot is not like the other cooked food you eat, you start to eat. 1.
First, order the vegetables and meat you want to eat. 2.
After placing the order, they will bring a large dish of water and put it on the stove in front of you.
After the water is boiling, start putting vegetables and meat for them to cook. 3.
You need to prepare your own sauce while they are cooking.
Now, this is the tricky part and you can't just add all the spices and sauces in the bowl.
Some sauces are too spicy and some are too bitter. if you are not careful, you will end up making very strange sauces.
So taste everything you're not sure about and then mix them in 2-
3 different bowls to give you different flavors. 4.
After preparing the sauce, start eating your food, take out the vegetables and meat, start dipping in the sauce and enjoy it with some drinks or clear water.
You can easily find international brands in Shenyang.
McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Metro, Pizza Hut, star bucks can find more brands in different places in Shenyang.
If you are new or don't know the exact location then you may need to write down the names of all these brands in Chinese and people don't know their English names, so make sure you know what to call them in Chinese. Pizza!
Pizza is one of the favorite food of Shenyang people.
You can find any kind of pizza, Pan Pizza, egg roll pizza and so on here.
You can order pizza and enjoy every bite with any ingredients, any shell and all kinds of meat.
Some of the most famous pizza places are the New York Police Department (New York pizza Department), Alpine pizza, Mr.
Pizza, green mile pizza and more.
Some places such as green mile also offer drinks in the bar.
Located in Tiexi, the famous international food market is known as "Xingshun International Tourism Night Market" and is considered the largest food market in Asia.
There are all kinds of food on the market, the food you like, and even some that you never want to taste.
The place is worth a visit as it is one of the most visited places, from different places, with very unusual Chinese food tasting.
The market is open at night with more than 100 food stalls;
Burgers, chips, seafood, insects and more.
The price range is very small, so you can easily take the food and enjoy it.
In addition to the food market, there are other things like clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and gifts.
There are many stalls for other daily necessities.
So go to the market early so you can see everything and go shopping if you want.
How to find halal food in Shenyang?
This is a crucial issue for all Muslims living in Shenyang, but don't worry!
Shenyang has many restaurants that sell halal food like Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities.
There is a town called "master Guangchang" in Shenyang, which is the main town of Muslims. almost all the population is Chinese Muslims.
There are many restaurants in master Guangchang, where you can find a wide variety of halal food.
There are some very cheap meat bags and bread, as well as very expensive restaurants.
Depending on your needs and budget, you can easily find halal food there.
In addition to the master's change, there are many street restaurants and food stalls selling halal food.
In addition, foods with halal signs such as chicken nuggets and popcorn chickens can be found in supermarkets.
In Chinese, the symbol of halal is "halal ".
If you find this symbol on any product or outside of any restaurant, it means that the food inside is halal.
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