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what are the most common side dishes at chicken restaurants why south indian dosa recipes are becoming popular???

by:Two Eight     2019-08-10
what are the most common side dishes at chicken restaurants why south indian dosa recipes are becoming popular???
Why are dosa recipes in South India getting more popular???
Dosa, dose, is the word recipe and is now well known in food recipes around the world.You can call it a pancake in English because it looks like a pancake.
We will start the discussion by introducing the history of the dosa recipe .......
As we all know, Dosa has existed in this country since the 5 th century.It is believed that the recipe was originally found on the temple streets of udubi, Karnataka.In Tamil literature, there is an article about this food in the literature of the chalukya era.
Dose or dosa is one of the most popular breakfasts and one of the staple foods in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in southern India., This is common in every house in southern India, usually they prepare a dosa batter, stored in the refrigerator, used as breakfast 2-Three times a week.This is a breakfast recipe that you can enjoy with coconut chutney and potato curry.

Yes, we have many different delicious dosa recipes in the South Indian breakfast style .......Because of the deliciousness, crisp and deliciousness of dosa, these dosa recipes have become very popular in India, not only in India, but even in countries where Indians live in large numbers, we can also easily get dosa as breakfast in the restaurant .......
Like our noodles in Indian restaurants and noodles in Gobi Manzhou, these are famous Chinese snacks, like this dosa recipe is becoming more and more popular in restaurants outside as snacks and breakfast
There are many kinds or kinds of our dosa recipes;

Learn and try this dosa recipe if you want to know???With the link below, this will help you get ready and learn more about these recipes ........
The above is some of the most popular dosa recipes we have according to each dosa taste, we changed its side dishes, like some common side dishes, curry potatoes, etc.

Masala Dosa or masala dose is a popular South Indian breakfast/snack recipe filled with potatoes masala/Aloo bhaji.Masala Dosa is crispy and thin, filling with cooked seasoned potatoes.

If you would like to learn and try a perfect South Indian style masala dosa recipe, please refer to the link below which will help you get ready.

One thing that everyone loves about this dosa is that it is very soft and perfect for hot and sour sauces or salads that we can buy in Bangalore.The softness of the batter is a bit different from that of other dosa recipes, since poha is an ingredient used in the preparation of the batter, which makes the set dosa soft and fluffy.
This is a very famous dish from the udobi area of Karnataka;It is usually eaten with vegetables sagu and Kurma.

We have a lot of dosa recipes that need to be prepared for the day, such as ingredients such as soaking rice, dal, etc.But if you want to eat homemade sand, or the child suddenly wants or asks for it in desperation.So for this case, we also have a dosa recipe that doesn't require fermentation, which is an instant hybrid of the Xiaomi dal dosa.
As far as we know, dosa is a delicious breakfast in South India, but here we have instant mix of Xiaomi dal dosa which is also healthy ...... This dosa recipe made of millet ingredients is a high-protein grain containing rice and dal, which, as suggested by the recipe name, does not need to be fermented in this recipe;You can prepare immediately.Try this delicious dosa recipe quickly in the kitchen when you are not ready or decide for breakfast in the morning, so this is the most suitable food during peak hours, you can help you get ready by the link below.
So like this, we have a variety of delicious recipes that, by attracting people's attention to dosa recipes that make a mark in the food industry, which is a recipe, it's food that everyone likes, like kids, younger generations and even senior members of our family .......
Have a healthy breakfast and have a healthy life.
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