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what are the most common side dishes at chicken restaurants what role do side dishes play to help have a perfect meal???

by:Two Eight     2019-08-09
what are the most common side dishes at chicken restaurants what role do side dishes play to help have a perfect meal???
What is the role of side dishes to help you have a perfect meal???
Imagine comparing our food to the movie just for fun, but sometimes it sounds logical.For example, we divide movies into South Indian movies, North Indian movies, international movies and so on.Among our foods, we also have categories such as South Indian food, North Indian food, international food, etc.
Through this comparison, we understand and realize that we always attach more importance to our protagonists or actresses in movies ...... As in the main course or main course.But here, we forget the side actors like in our food side dishes, because both play an important role in movies or food .......Because our side dishes also help to make our meal a perfect meal.
So here we want to praise the side dishes by explaining how important the side dishes are in the various dishes of our meal.
What is the side dish???
Side dishes refer to foods combined with other foods or meals.
Some of the most common and popular categories of Indian side dishes in this category are .......

These are usually some recipes and they are not in the popular food category.But these are one of the recipes and are too important to be a complete meal or a perfect meal.
Such as chutney recipe.This type of recipe is very famous in side dishes.Because it is one of the staple foods of many famous southern breakfasts, such as idli, dosa, vada, uttppa, etc.
With these famous breakfast recipes, the chutney recipe is almost an essential side dish that doubles the taste of many breakfasts.

These side dishes not only enhance our taste, but also benefit our health.The spicy mint sauce is full-Hot and sour sauce!!!Chutney is a great combination of breakfast and snack recipes and also Pudina Chutney.This is one of the most popular and familiar recipes for hot and sour sauces in India.
It is mainly prepared with mint leaves, which are a good source of digestion.The flavor of this recipe is usually spicy, and snacks such as Dhokla, Idli, Dosa Puri and Vada, Masala Vada, Samosa can be used for breakfast.It can also be applied as a roll on the sandwich and catty bread.Not only can these side dishes be eaten with breakfast, but they can also be used with major foods such as lunch/dinner, whether it's a vegetarian recipe or a non-vegetarian recipeVegetarian recipes.Especially right and wrongBecause our non-vegetable food in IndiaThe vegetables are a bit spicy, so we have a lot of raita recipes to cool down the spicy flavor.Raita recipes are also in the side dishes category, which are mostly healthy, less spicy recipes.Here are some famous raita recipes.

I want to explain why these raitas are in Africa.Vegetable recipes to give an example, a recipe called onion Tomato raitaThe, such as Pulau, Methi Rice, crispy Rice, biryani or any kind of pot meal is usually fluffy spicy and delicious, these kinds of dishes require a comforting side dish.So here is a Raita recipe called onion Tomato Raita, which is very suitable for these foods.
This is a simple and healthy side dish, especially spicy food, which can be tried with any Indian meal.Try this cool recipe for side dishes.
Like this, it is very important to have some recipes in our food, especially in Indian food, because most of our food is spicy and delicious, our side dishes with rice recipes, biryani Recipes, chapati, roti and more and all non-veg recipes.
I hope you guys, like the main food recipes, owe the side dishes to yourself!!!
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