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what are the most common side dishes at chicken restaurants meats that |

by:Two Eight     2019-07-31
Mashed potatoes are one of the most popular side dishes in American cuisine.It is versatile, easy to do, cheap and comfortable.The basic ingredients of mashed potatoes consist of boiled potatoes, butter, milk or cream, and seasonings.Healthier options replace dairy products with chicken or vegetables.However, the dish tastes stronger.Garlic, sunflower and herbs are popularins.Because this dish is versatile, it can be matched with a variety of main courses.
A menu featuring poultry usually includes mashed potatoes as a side dish.This is one of the most common side dishes with fried chicken.Many Americans see this as a traditional holiday dish and often appear with roast turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.The combination of poultry and mashed potatoes is especially common in Southern cuisine, also known as "home"Style of cooking "or" soul food.However, mashed potatoes are not the only Southern dish.From the coast to the coast, their popularity remains the same.
The beef is often served with mashed potatoes.While grilled potatoes and steak are usually served in restaurants, mashed potatoes are a popular alternative.In addition to meat cakes and roast beef, they often eat.Mashed potato recipes featuring strong ingredients such as garlic and anemone are often accompanied by beef entrees.
In general, pork is eaten less frequently than poultry or beef, but it is still widely eaten.Pork and mashed potatoes are common, but this is mainly due to the popularity of mashed potatoes.The low-The key flavor of this dish is especially suitable for sweet pork dishes such as pork with pork or ham with glaze.
Fish is a light main course option, but it can still be accompanied by heavy mashed potatoes, though.Since there are other ways to make mashed potatoes, the chef preparing the fish often simplifies the standard recipe for mashed potatoes to make it more suitable for the menu.This can be done by replacing the dairy ingredients in the standard formula or stirring the potatoes instead of smashing the potatoes.Although the preparation is different, diners still think that the two different dishes are the same dish.If people provide fried fish, they will most likely include mashed potatoes and fish, as mashed potatoes can hold the starchiness and oil of fried foods.
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