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what are the most common side dishes at chicken restaurants Favorite Traditional Turkish Food- Dolma, Tava, Kebap and More

by:Two Eight     2019-08-18
what are the most common side dishes at chicken restaurants Favorite Traditional Turkish Food- Dolma, Tava, Kebap and More
I was assigned to Incirlik (obvious damage-
Lick) Air Force Base, in the early 90 s near Adana, Turkey.
I loved turkey so much that I extended my obligations twice and stayed for 3 years.
I travel quite a bit in Turkey.
I often travel to Izmir and Ankara, Turkey.
Because we spent a week or more in every place, we often went out for dinner.
I believe my colleagues have the same wonderful memories of our food adventure as I do!
Similar food is available in Adana, Izmir and Ankara, but special food is available everywhere.
I was also lucky to have had many meals with the Turkish family.
As you may suspect, there are some unusual foods in the restaurant's food.
I like traditional Turkish food in addition to lamb noodle soup.
I will introduce some of my favorite dishes I have encountered during my Turkish food trip.
A lot of people are simple and you might want to know how they taste so good or so special.
Fresh produce is the key.
Turks always use fresh vegetables and fruits that are both rich and cheap.
My friend Necmiye and I went to the big pazaar in Adana and $10 could fill my case with produce and pay a boy with a cart to collect everything, then take it to the car!
Turkish staple food
Almost all Turkish meals include salads and rice.
Coban (announced as Joe-
Bon) salad or shepherd salad is the most common salad I 've ever encountered in Turkey, whether in a restaurant or in a private home.
It is made of chopped tomatoes, onions and cucumbers.
Sometimes chopped parsley is used.
Vegetables are served with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt and garlic.
I don't eat Miss shepherd salad because I have never stopped!
Rice is similar to rice. a-Roni.
You can make brown pasta in a pan with butter or olive oil.
I usually use Mexican fidio, or orzo pasta.
When the pasta turns brown, add rice and water, then cover and cook until the water is absorbed.
I can eat myself stupidly with rice and a shepherd salad with a big spoon on it!
More details about Rice.
Sometimes Turkish food may be bulgar instead of rice pilaf.
Bulgar comes from wheat, just like cou beans, although Turks usually grind using bulgar's courser instead of the common grind of cou beans.
One of my favorite dishes is the one with lentils.
Tava is like a stew.
Most restaurants in the Adana area have made tava in the oven with clay dishes.
Made with fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers and garlic.
You can eat chicken, lamb or shrimp, which are usually served with the rice fungus.
My favorite is the chicken and shrimp tava in the village of Incirlik, which has a green logo because it used to be a gas station.
In Turkish families, there are many kinds of tava, some made of meat, and some cooked in large pots on the stove with only vegetables.
My favorite is eggplant and chicken.
I also like green beans tava, and while technically this is zeytinya li Taze Fasulye, most Turks don't think it's tava.
I often cook this dish.
Our family loved it and we ate it in the pile.
Dolma is a general term for filling vegetables.
--xa0While dolma can be vegan with rice and spices, most of the dolma I 've eaten is made with a bit of ground meat.
My friend Necmiye told me that it would be more correct to roll something called sarma.
Necmiye produced tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant and potatoes.
--xa0Potato Dorma is more of a Quaker, she says.
The vegetables were hollowed out and filled with a mixture of meat and rice.
-Necmiye cooked dolma in the Dutch oven at the top of the stove, with a heavy salad tray poured over it to keep them upright and weighted down.
Necmiye also produced grape leaves and cabbage sarma.
--xa0The rice is the same as the meat stuffing, but it is rolled into a cylindrical shape.
Dolma and sarma rank very high in my favorite Turkish food.
-I have different places in Egypt and Greece but like Turkey best.
Some cultures are stuffed with rice, raisins and pine nuts.
Sigara bérek is very popular, at least in restaurants near the base.
--xa0I think the merchants near the base are very savvy and know what food and goods we like and they provide them.
Sigara B 'rek is a pastry slice filled with goat cheese, meat, or combo and fried.
They are similar to spring rolls or lumpia except for no vegetables.
--xa0My favorite food was chicken, ground beef and shrimp, which were eaten in a small restaurant near the gate of the Air Force Base.
Brek served by most Turkish families is a layered dish, like a lasagna, but with a layer of filo-like dough.
Goat cheese is the most common filling I have ever encountered.
--xa0By the way, the cheese in the Turkey is always white sheep milk cheese.
--xa0I have never seen cheddar cheese in Turkish food and in the market.
Kebabs, kebabs and lamb chops are popular. ©In Turkey.
--xa0Mutton is also the most common meat.
-I had lamb once before I went to Turkey and had no impression at all.
However, I like the lamb in Turkey very much!
Include more information on the recipe link.
Kebap is a form of Turkish cooking that is baked in nature.
-Shish Kebap is very popular in Turkey, both at restaurants and at family gatherings.
Although you may find chicken, or goats are the most common in some parts of Turkey.
Adana kebap is to press the spiced lamb on a flat skewer.
Dner Kebap is similar to the Greek gyro.
--xa0The d'ner in Turkey is the meat on a pillar, alternating lean meat with some form of fat so that the meat can bake itself.
--xa0The meat rotates on a vertical spit and the outside is trimmed when it is cooked.
--xa0The shavings of the meat are usually placed on a square pide, topped with melted butter.
My favorite is Iskender d'ner kebap with tomato sauce and yogurt.
Kfte is like a huge flat meatball.
It is usually made of crushed lamb, crumbs, onions and spices.
--xa0It's usually a barbecue.
The Turkish restaurant also serves roast lamb chops, which are tasty but not as common or popular as roast lamb chops.
It is Deniz or Sea restaurant on the first cordon, and you can see the Aegean Sea. .
My favorite main course is grilled bass, which is chipura, like sea am fish.
They also have the absolute best squid, No.
When we went to Ankara, one of my team's favorite restaurants offered salted fish.
--xa0It was prepared in a rectangular fish kettle.
--xa0The salt was cut off and the Fishbone table was cut off. side.
Oh, by the way, the whole little fish is always on the head.
--xa0Turks like meat and eyes on their heads.
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