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what are the best dishes at restaurant daniel Top 5 Theme Based Restaurants in Delhi For Memorable Dining Experience

by:Two Eight     2019-07-26
Delhi is one of the most popular places for food lovers.The best restaurants and cafes are all over the place and everyone has their own things.Not only do you have new restaurants coming up almost every week, you can also enjoy food from all over the world in your city.
An outing every weekend can do some research based on what you want to eat, which is fun.From the humble streets of Chandni Jok, who created the magic of Mohley, the city has grown into a leader in more types of cuisine around the world.Delhi is a truly cosmopolitan city with a variety of flavors to offer.
There are some of the best themed restaurants in Delhi, which must not be missed.They also doubled their meeting places in Delhi.1.The restaurant has a royal style and unique Kashmir decoration.
there is an old-fashioned car in the middle. the lights are dim and you will be in awe.Chor Bizarre is our own themed Indian restaurant with word of mouthUnlike the mainland food mentioned above, water Kashmir food.
As the name implies, a lot of antique items (allegedly stolen from one place or another) are kept around and exude the aura of the retro era.This place is like a time machine that takes you back to Grandpa's golden age.Chor Bizarre is proud of its Goshtaba, known as the King's dish, a preparation for crushed lamb cooked with curds and spices.
In addition to Kashmir, you can also taste the food of North India, China, South Korea and Thailand.2.As the name suggests, Garam Dharam has an interesting theme that is made for all people of Bollywood descent.This is a warm place to celebrate the spirit of the legendary actor darmendra.
The wall was decorated with his witty side --The girl in the dream, and his picture.Very interesting because the light is goodLit with a bucket hanging on the top.The restaurant serves only Indian food.The food is made with authentic Thales and brass glasses.
The kebabs and drinks were made very well.If you are a fan of famendra, this is your temple.3.The jungle Gala may be one of Delhi's most famous themed restaurants, known for its two-story "flora and fauna;The first floor provides you with a buffet with the theme of "water jungle", you can use their-la-Order Indian and Chinese dishes on the second floor with a special children's area themed "Forest Garden ".
The atmosphere is great, and the audio effect of the jungle is synchronized with the theme.The Jungle Pageant is proud of its Mini Raj Kachouri and deserves a try.Their buffet was also great.Enjoy unlimited mouth of all sorts-A non-alcoholic cocktail served together.
Treat the senses!4.
To be sure, most people in Delhi know where the place is, and Odeon Social still has the atmosphere of Odeon, combining the unique style of socializing.The theme here is the integration of the school and the countryside, the eternal beauty, and all kinds of things --Just like the old table of the actual school and the principal's room --Finish the look there.This place has a very impressive collection of poison and allDead breakfast menu for it!5.
If you are a comic book fan with your friends, then you have no choice but Mamagoto.Despite the presence of many pan-Asian restaurants in the city, Mamagoto is still at the top of the list, especially in terms of its theme.Whether it's comics-Inspired art on the wall or its authentic SouthThe atmosphere of East Asian street food is almost nothing to like in this place.
The menu Mamagoto is hugeblowing!.
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