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what are the best dishes at restaurant daniel Are You Ready To Experience The Future?

by:Two Eight     2019-07-26
If you eat regularly at McDonald's, there is a good chance that you have already set foot on the exit of the "future experience" (EOTF.Over the past two years, these EOTF restaurants have achieved great success.The reason is not difficult to guess.From the atmosphere to the new menu items, there are many factors that customers can give high evaluation.
Take a look.
The McDonald's EOTF restaurant looks a little different.The walls are different with LED lighting and the chair looks super smooth.In short, the store exudes a future atmosphere that you can't miss.
When you enter the McDonald's EOTF restaurant in India, these selfYou will see the ordering Booth first.These kiosks are very convenient in this personalized era.You can choose your burgers, side dishes and drinks and customize all the Super Chicken chops.
And of-It looks really cool!At McDonald's EOTF, you can choose to order a salad.This should make your health very good.In fact, you can exchange chips with the salt of your choice if you like.Ingredients are on display and you can choose the vegetables you want in the salad.
Not bad, eh?If you chat on Whatsapp, or upload a selfie on Instagram, or plan to take a shower before eating, you don't have to worry about the cell phone battery of McDonald's EOTF.All you need to do is put your phone on the wireless charger and start your work.No one will punish you for not having a charger, right?Yes, you're right.
When your order is ready, you can place an order, go back to your desk and talk to your friends.It's not that your order will always need to be ready at McDonald's, but it's priceless to stay a few more minutes with your loved ones, right?At McDonald's EOTF, you can play a few fun games at the table while waiting for an order or gobbling up chicken nuggets.If you're at McDonald's with your kids, these tags are a great way to get in touch with them as you can take turns playing and see who wins the most games.
If you have used up all your mobile dates, you can use free wi-Surf the Internet while enjoying your food at McDonald's EOTF's fi.Eager to share photos of your Chcken maharaja burger and fries at McDonald's on facebook?The data is on us.Upload that photo now.We bet these reasons are good enough for you to want to experience EOTF today.
Check out the nearest McDonald's and see for yourself.Order the latest American Supreme Burger, Cape garmarzilla or fries.Or you can continue to eat your favorite McAloo Tikki burgers, chips and Coke.
If you want to have something new at the same time and feel nostalgic, try McDonald's brand new rice bowl.There are two variations: Cheesy Rice Bowl and spicy rice bowl.They are delicious and have crunchy vegetables, and you can order chicken wings, chicken wings or potato horns if you want to upgrade.
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