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What are safelists and do they work? - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-27
What are safelists and do they work?  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
What are security activists?
The security list is very simple and you can write an email somewhere and send it to all members of that security list.
In return, you will receive emails from other members of the list so that you can see it as an email exchange that promotes your affiliate link product.
So how does the security list work?
To register a list, you need two email accounts, you should only use GMAIL accounts, since they will work with all of the security-ist, Yahoo, AOL, Virgin and other email accounts, most of the listings do not accept bt, etc.
Why are two email accounts required?
The first gmail account is for the list to contact you for information such as offers and upgrades special discounts, and the second gmail account will be a list email, other members of the security list will send you an offer in it
Do not use your personal email account as you will receive 100 and 1000 emails from these list email accounts and go out and set up a new mail account for your security list work.
Once you register, you will be asked to confirm your contact person and list email account and you will become an active member of the security list once you register.
Now what is the next step in your activity?
One quick tip to keep in mind is that each list has a place where you can enter the promo code where you can get huge bonuses and points. . . .
Always enter the code "newmemberornew member" because sometimes it will bring you a lot of free points.
Once you are ready to send an email, you will find "mail or credit mail" and follow the guidelines, the website may change but they are very similar. SUBJECT ---
Enter the subject of the body of the email---
The main text of the email you sent---
When the person reading clicks on your linknext, where do you want them to go, it says the number of members sent ---
Just use your credit to send your message to the list members and it's easy to see what you need to do at this time as they will show you every step of the site.
So you have sent your first email to the members on the list, but what about next?
Well, you will have a set time frame to send another message, each security list is different and it may take 48 hours to a week before you send another email.
How can you get credit without paying a lot of upgrades?
It's simple, you go to your list email account and start clicking on the email sent by other members with the credit they have. .
So, after opening your email account and scrolling down to where it will say click on the link, you usually have to wait 10 seconds to get the points.
You can then accumulate 100 and 1000 points in the next email to the member.
So how the security list works, you get credit for reading your email and then get credit through your product and associated links with other members.
Most security activists are very helpful and they will guide you through the steps you need to start using them.
So it may take a long time to register only one security list to send a second email, which is why if you use a list like this seriously, register as many as you can, that's what I do, I have a list of about 100 security lists I use, most of which are registered for free, so please make the most of this fact.
So you know how to use security activists, but the biggest question is still whether they work or not?
It's an experience for me and the security guys, but everyone will have their own opinions about them.
When I first started online marketing, the first way I used was the security ist, why?
Because they are free to use, this is a huge advantage for everyone.
At the time I was promoting a start-up with a starting price of over $600 and I was very new to marketing and was really taken a ride, wasted $3000 on a project with no real value.
So, when I spend all my money on the show, I have no choice but to drive traffic to my affiliate link in a free way, I have to register and use more than 100 security lists, using security lists in this way 2-
After 3 months, I quickly believed that the security activists were completely wasting their time and energy, so I stopped using them, and they made no sense to me, everyone is using the list I crossed it out of my registration method list.
Three years later, I stopped promoting the projects as I did before, and used cheaper prices to join affiliate projects, some of which could even be added for free, how different! ! ! ! ! ! !
I'm getting a lot of registrations for all my affiliate links now and I'm not talking about just 3-
4 days a week, even more than 10 days. .
This is a good result for things that are free to use.
So simply put, security activists do work well, but you need to use them for the right projects, and any project below $30 seems to be a good way to stay ahead.
Another thing you need to do in order to get good results is to use a lot of them, you can sign up for a new security list and why stick with 4-
5. go out and use as many free credits as you can, upgrade to the best credits and send emails to cheap shows and even free shows.
One theme that works very well in security is traffic, and of course registration.
If you promote a project that is effective in providing traffic, advertising, and promotion, remember that people who use security software are looking for more link registration and website traffic.
So do the SAFTLISTS work? ? 100% YES! !
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