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Ways to Prevent Food Poisoning: 15 Tips - is washing dishes in a restaurant hard

by:Two Eight     2019-09-26
Ways to Prevent Food Poisoning:  15 Tips  -  is washing dishes in a restaurant hard
Is your food safe?
My body temperature soared due to body pain and abdominal cramps.
I often vomited and became dehydrated very quickly.
Far away from the medical facilities and despair, I had to take anti-vomiting injections. Relief at last!
After a course of antibiotics and a week of bed rest, I finally recovered from the terrible struggle with salmonella, one of the many bacteria that caused food poisoning.
However, other victims were not so lucky.
Is my case an isolated incident?
E broke out on 2011.
E. coli associated with contaminated vegetables killed 23 people and sent more than 2,000 to hospitals in Germany and Sweden.
Soon after, an E.
The outbreak of E. coli in the United States killed several people, including a 20-month-
An elderly child in Wisconsin has developed serious complications after the patient developed into a Hemo-diaper syndrome
E. coli that causes kidney failure
10% of these patients survive long term.
It may eventually lead to long-term kidney damage from dialysis or transplant.
According to the CDC, there are 33 million cases of food poisoning
Food poisoning killed more than 9,000 people in 2011.
Food safety is obviously a concern for all of us.
How do we protect ourselves and those we love?
In theory, food poisoning can be prevented by 100%. 1. Shop for non-
Perishable items are preferred
Buy Hot cooked food, frozen food or raw meat before returning home. 2.
Buy fresh food as much as possible.
If you shop in the open air market, choose fresh fruits and vegetables that are in good condition.
The opening of the skin and skin allows dangerous bacteria to enter.
Buy the meat slaughtered on the day and make sure there is no strange smell.
If you shop in a supermarket, buy food in good condition.
Check the expiration date and don't buy any expired food even if it looks or tastes good.
It will still make you sick. 3.
Regularly wash reusable shopping bags with soap and hot water.
In order not to pollute other foods, put raw meat and fish in separate bags.
If it takes more than 30 minutes to get home, put frozen or frozen food in a thermos bag or find other ways to keep them cool. 4.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after touching the food. 5.
Keep the kitchen clean.
Replace the rag frequently and clean the kitchen surface using hot soapy water or disinfectant.
Even if you live in a poor country, there is no reason to be stingy with soap and water. 6.
Rinse the product: scrub the dirt and dirt in potatoes and other vegetables or fruits using tap water and a soft brush, even if you intend to peel it off.
Remove and discard the outermost leaves of lettuce or cabbage.
Fill the sink or tub with water and vinegar or commercial washing solution (see Amazon capsule below) and soak for a few minutes to remove traces of pesticides and bacteria. 7. Prevent cross-
Contamination by packing and storing all raw meat, poultry and seafood separately.
Can I call it my own? 8.
Avoid preparing food for others if you have diarrhea. 9. Avoid cross-
Raw meat, poultry and seafood are contaminated with separate chopping boards.
Before touching other foods, wash hands, utensils and cutting boards that touch raw meat. 10.
Do not thaw meat at room temperature.
Instead, unfreeze the food in the refrigerator, microwave oven, or immerse in cold water in a package that does not leak. 11.
Cook food thoroughly.
Make sure the food reaches at least 158 degrees Fahrenheit at 70 degrees Celsius.
Please use the meat thermometer if not sure. 12.
Avoid foods that contain raw milk or eggs. . 13. Serve soon.
Cooked food should not be placed at room temperature for too long.
Keep hot food, cold food, cold food. 14.
No fridge leftovers for 4 hours. 15.
Do not store leftovers in the refrigerator for more than 3 or 4 days.
Why buy washing water?
It's said 99 were killed.
9% of harmful bacteria and the removal of more than 98% of pesticides, not just rinse under cold tap water.
After washing, wax and grease will also be removed and no aftertaste will be left.
Very similar to the product I used in Peru.
It is 100% natural and highly concentrated, so it lasts longer than other washes.
It can also be used to disinfect rags and kitchen surfaces.
I wish you good health!
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