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by:Two Eight     2019-08-29 presents: “never give up”  -  dish restaurant palm springs california
Ten years ago, I made a difficult decision.
Until today, I believe this may be the most difficult thing in my life.
My two daughters and their mother moved to Los Angeles from our home in Boston.
After visiting my young children for a year, I decided that I needed to live closer to them.
The distant relationship broke my heart.
To say the least, leaving my family and friends in Boston, moving 3000 miles away, not knowing that there was a person in Los Angeles or that there was a job, was a difficult gamble.
Cross after driving
I spent a week in the United States. A.
After I moved into a small apartment and opened my pickup truck, the reality of my move soon came out.
While I was happy to be with my kids again, my decision soon turned into a nightmare.
My goal of finding a job quickly seems to disappear soon and I can't find a position in health care.
With no support from family or friends nearby, I quickly became very frustrated.
I realized I might be back in Boston.
I'm leaving my two children again.
It is at this point in my life that I reflect on my achievements and failures.
I graduated from college at first. S.
Aviation management and my business pilot license.
I am a flight instructor and aviation is my passion!
Unfortunately, the economy in early 1990 found me unemployed in the aviation sector and I entered the healthcare sector as a social worker to support my young family.
I think my dream of success in aviation is over.
When I worked with the elderly as a social worker, I remember many of my patients telling me how fast their lives were.
Many of them regret not pursuing their dreams and tell me not to give up the passion to stay in aviation.
I decided to stay in Los Angeles and I took a quick-
The restaurant that pays the bill.
I am very happy with my children, but I am very painful every day when I go to work.
I was frustrated and I knew I had to make a change. In my off-
Time I study and get a real estate license.
Then a colleague introduced me to some books on personal development.
After I gobbled through the first two books, including James Allen's "Thinking as a man" and Napoleon Hill's "thinking and getting rich," I seem
While I am already an educated person, personal development tapes and books are beginning to open new doors to a new chapter in my life.
I never looked back.
I am passionate and passionate about aviation.
I knew I had to go back to that industry, so I started looking for a position even if it meant not flying as a pilot.
I visited the airports around Southern California and took a break soon.
I was hired as a flight coordinator by a top private charter company in fannis to arrange flights around the world for successful people and celebrities.
The commute time for me and my new job is one hour or more. A. traffic.
I found out soon, listen to myself.
Development projects make commuting a pleasant way to travel.
After listening to dozens of such programs, I was motivated to speed up my work.
I started to be promoted to a higher position.
I also did my master's degree in aviation management, which was the goal I gave up a few years ago.
Shortly after returning to the airline, I had the opportunity to become vice president of a growth company in Las Vegas.
I was able to help with the development of this company, which is now one of the largest franchises on the west coast.
My continued passion for self
The development of aviation has allowed me to interact with some of Hollywood's most famous celebrities and some of the world's most successful business people.
Just be a goal
People-oriented, using the tools I get from myself
I changed my life!
After living in Los Angeles for a few years, I moved to fast-
Located in a growing Inland Empire between San Diego and Palm Springs, closer to my children.
Since then, I have received a master's degree in Embry.
Riddle aviation university and I are part of the graduate school. Time instructor
I am also an executive at a new private jet charter company and continue my passion for aviation.
I recently started my PhD program with the goal of being a successful coach and teaching others how to overcome obstacles in life.
There is no doubt that life can give you a curve ball at any time.
The decade of my life is full of uncertainty.
Personal development data has set me a direction for my life and enabled me to achieve the goal I gave up before.
I thank my elderly patients who reflect on their lives and remind me not to lose my passion.
Many good people gave up their dreams and found themselves trapped in aging bodies, angry that they gave up hope early in life.
Our time on earth is short and our chances of achieving our passion are limited.
From today on, break the obstacles that hinder your path to success.
Set goals and strive to achieve them.
By being a student of personal development and helping others do the same, you will be able to live the life you love with passion!
* This article is re-published with the best permissionSell wake up. . .
Live your life in the book series.
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