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vintage tea party - how to organize it? - - violet bone china tea set

by:Two Eight     2019-08-26
vintage tea party - how to organize it? -  -  violet bone china tea set
Image of the scene.
There is a table with white linen, flowers, fine bone porcelain, silver tableware, and obviously a mouth --
Delicious sandwiches and cakes.
Tea can be elegant and timeless, and as in the past centuries, it is the ideal way to entertain today.
Having said that, the modern retro-style tea party is far less formal and more enjoyable than the tea party of their time.
This is a retro style, not in the background of aspic, and the existing interest in all retro things is undoubtedly driven by costume dramas, these costume dramas include Downton manor, if your vintage tea party will mix Edward's tableware with Victorian China, or introduce non-
Authentic Wine
Style accessories.
A vintage tea party should evoke the style of the past, rather than blindly wanting to recreate every detail of it.
Bloater paste sandwiches and seed cakes provide a way for canapes and cup cakes in the brave new Earth in the old tea party.
Whether you're drinking tea for two or organizing celebrations for a dozen loved ones and close friends, holding wedding anniversary events, christening parties, 200 tea, or maybe a charity event for hundreds of people, an old-fashioned tea party is just a ticket.
The Tea Party, which everyone else is widely regarded as opposing, was definitely the royal garden party at Buckingham Palace, when 8,000 guests consumed 27,000 cups of tea, 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 pieces of cake.
But your event should be organized to reflect the form of the occasion, your style and the age and interest of the guests.
If you invite families with young people, then outdoor games including cro balls or beer and skittles will keep everyone happy throughout the party, however, A company occasion may require the use of a classical string quartet played in the background for formal tea.
To add a bit of brilliance to the occasion, instead of drinking tea, serve cocktails.
In addition to a champagne cocktail from a fine bone Chinese Cup, what is more decadent than this?
DIY vintage events if you have creative style and a lot of time, it's usually fun to give your personal vintage tea party styling.
Beg, borrow or steal antique porcelain and cutlery from your friends or buy from antique shops or auctions.
Add your trophy with vintage style accessories including colored flags, tea light holders and flower containers.
For the best results, try to theme your activities by color, pattern or period.
This will ensure that your occasion styling is coherent and provide the intended "wow" element to the guest.
But if you're concerned that your personal styling efforts may appear like the remnants of the white elephant stand, it's time to call on the services of professional vintage stylists.
More and more companies not only offer vintage Chinese brands, but also provide overall styling and catering services for vintage tea activities.
The most effective suppliers have a large number of vintage china and accessories that allow them to match any theme you choose.
This may be a pink theme, it can be a charity occasion, it can be a plant theme, it can be a product conference, it can be a Edward for women to participate in the Centennial Tea Party
Get the right retro experts who will organize every aspect of your tea drinking occasion from the styling as well as the catering of the floral and dining table environment.
The only thing you really need to do is choose a venue to invite your guests and your vintage tea party seems to be right in front of you.
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