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Vietnamese cuisine, from north to south: story and photos - nice restaurant with good vegetarian dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-06
Vietnamese cuisine, from north to south:  story and photos  -  nice restaurant with good vegetarian dishes
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See photo gallery at the bottom of the story)
I was in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia last fall, but my heart belongs to Vietnam, especially the food in Vietnam. (
The food in Hong Kong is very representative in Vancouver and Cambodia . . . . . . Well, it's not famous for its taste food. )
I 've been craving more exciting Vietnamese food in Vancouver, but I know I have to follow it to find a source of excitement.
Vietnam confirmed my belief that the food in Vietnam is very similar to those in Vietnam. lively, light-Kind and lovely. And good-humoured. (
How else can you describe a huge, golden, inflated rice ball with a rice cake hidden in it? )
Somehow, in the bloodiest war, this active nature survived in people and food.
Tooth, a grandmother, grinned.
A translator told us that she was asking us if we understood her little grandson who was babbling in English because he would certainly not speak Vietnamese. I was smitten.
Even city traffic, it seems more like a nationwide suicide agreement (
Motorcycles, bicycles, cars, people, Tuk-
Tuks runs in every conceivable direction without lanes, traffic lights or Road Rules)
It won't stop me from going back.
From Hanoi in northern Vietnam to central Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh City (
Still called Saigon by most locals)
Food in the Mekong Delta changes with geography and climate change from temperate to tropical.
The Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver only omitted the regional differences in food in that country.
We did not see the amazing products, nor did we taste the strength of the herbs, nor did we taste the changes of nuoc nam, fermented fish sauce, which is the signature flavor in so many Vietnamese dishes.
We have to try it in Hanoi.
The restaurant is crazy in the city. The dish?
Munkfish fried with dill, ginger, rice noodles and peanuts.
They put a charcoal on the table and you cook your own fish and a bunch of green vegetables.
This restaurant has been used for several generations, and the staff is said to be very rude (
It is unusual in Vietnam, but the female parents are very enthusiastic about us and cook our things for us when counting the East (
Vietnam currency)
At the table next door, they have dinner at night. It’s grungy (
Molly's maid has a heart attack)
, But it is so famous that imitating a restaurant has sprung up and disturbed your mind.
Good tea and tea.
Out of fear of intestines, it is unforgivable to refuse to try street food
Painful disease
We searched for the recommended (
For example, my neighbor went to Vietnam a year ago and he recommended a pho seller).
One night we went to a place where we sold pork pies and shrimp spring rolls.
Gratefully, we sit at a table, not on a plastic toddler stool that looks ridiculous to Westerners.
The food was good, and my stomach expanded like that balloon.
However, my husband doesn't want to miss a chance to try the Street River powder recommended by neighbor Karen.
When he went to look for it, I looked in surprise and sat down with the locals, with a large bowl of river powder in his mouth.
Mom and son threw large pieces of meat at each other, cut the slices, and then threw the slices into a steaming bowl.
When the locals thought a stranger reached out to get my husband's pho, they looked surprised (it was me)
Then I had a big drink and it was very noisy.
It is delicious despite the optical system.
The wild lotus flower in Hanoi is located in a beautiful French colonial building. (
The French left behind beautiful buildings and their food culture, unlike the Americans who left a crater. )
We walked down the marble stairs and passed a fountain on our way to the second one.
Floor restaurant with modern tropical style.
Long female server (
They are very small and beautiful)wore ao dai (
Silky on one sideslit tops)
Men wear suits.
Surprisingly, the average main course is $6. Deep-
Fried prawns bundled with vermicelli, with plum sauce;
Grilled Bass;
Morning Glory leaves fried with garlic;
Pork tenderloin with cashews, mushrooms, dried peppers, spring rolls-
The bill for the wine is about $60.
You should use the tour guide as you will encounter terrible food like anywhere.
We hid in one.
One morning, looking for a place to eat breakfast, it turned out that the "shirt egg" was an eggy sauce with goopy cheese and a little ham. Yech!
Hoi An in central Vietnam (
My husband has the equivalent of a $350 custom-built jernia suit there)
We ate at a snack bar by the Thu Bon River and returned to "Mr.
"White Rose" is Dong's "White Rose" several times, which is a regional feature of transparent rice noodle shrimp dumplings.
But banana pancakes are as good as noodles. (
Vnd is also synonymous with Vietnam's currency, a challenge for a restrained North America. )
Breakfast is included in the hotel we stayed in and Hoi An, we can have a hearty Vietnamese buffet every morning, dim sum-
It's like changing dishes every day.
Amis Cafe des Amis is recommended in the guide book to make a big deal with seven courses for around $12, but for the boss, this is the most memorable
Kim, dressed in black leather pants and jackets, a smoking bonvivante, stroked up among the guests, telling the story that he must have told thousands of times.
A young couple we met in London led us through the dark alleys of Hoi An and came to a restaurant called "Secret Garden" instead of the restaurant on the guide book.
After eating an octagonal soup, pork and fish tamarind hot pot and skewers, we ended up taking photos with friendly staff.
In Ho Chi Minh City, I stand in the fourth place every morning.
Our hotel's floor-to-ceiling windows look down at a woman walking around by bike with bags and bags filled with produce, eggs, fish and meat.
The woman in the shop will hang out, check out leisurely, buy a little bit of this and a little bit of that. (
No, it's not refrigerated. )
Then she will move on and the plastic bag rustle.
Supermarket does not exist in Vietnam.
The food was bought at the market or by street vendors.
The floating market is very cool. We put-put-
One morning, before taking off on an ecological tour of the "Heart of Darkness" on the Mekong River, shuttle on boardlodge.
Everything about me in Ho Chi Minh City
The favorite place at the time was Wu Quanan, which was a good idea.
The cooking station is surrounded by elegant French colonies --
Style restaurant;
Each is a booth where chefs make street food from all over Vietnam.
You can walk around and take a look at all the regional specialties of the station and order or order from the menu.
Can they open a restaurant in Vancouver?
The most modern Vietnamese meal is an exquisite and modern Xu restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. A four-
The menu is about $27. an eight-
The course cost $44.
There are tuna spring rolls and black sesame fried tuna on the menu;
Steamed rice noodles with fish, bean sprouts and roasted scallions; tamarind-
Stewed beef cheeks with pumpkin puree and pumpkin flowers;
Boiled crab soup with quail eggs, peanuts and peppers;
Scallops with mango noodle salad and lemon grass dressing. Desserts?
Durian cream puffs and chocolate caramel tarts.
I had an unforgettable dish in the Mekong Delta.
On a bike trip, we had a lunch of elephant ear fish.
It was blown up like a trophy on a wooden rack, and it was dramatic.
What I don't want to stay here is Vietnamese food that I can't stand.
Even thinking that there was a snake farm in a town where we were cycling was enough for me to make a detour.
I bought some toffee in an outdoor coconut candy factory
Like candy, try not to look at the eyes of the coiled snake trapped in the rice wine bottle, to enhance sexual desire.
In the same store, there are a lot of crocodile wallets, maybe brothers and sisters of those wallets that we saw in the muddy pond?
But, back to the good stuff, another memorable Vietnamese culinary tradition is their very good coffee.
Strong and delicious, you can slowly drop into condensed milk if you don't want it to be neat and tidy.
We brought a few bags home but I think you have to be Vietnamese to make it so good.
I dare say, I think the same is true of food.
Mstainsby @ vancouversun.
ComPHOTO GALLERY: Food Street: Check out Rawang: elephant fish: Snake Wine: Chilling. . . What's more, V. N.
Lovely: Lunch :(
Packaging and roll in Ho Chi Minh City)
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