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vegetarian chinese restaurant dishes Best Chinese Restaurant In Dungun, Terengganu - Restoran Lian Fong Yuen

by:Two Eight     2019-08-18
vegetarian chinese restaurant dishes Best Chinese Restaurant In Dungun, Terengganu - Restoran Lian Fong Yuen
The hotel is only a few minutes' drive from the resort.
The air-conditioned restaurant is not so gorgeous in interior decoration or arrangement.
And you don't want to splurge in the resort restaurant.
They offer very delicious Chinese food at a very reasonable price, from fish, crabs, shrimp, chicken to pork (from wild boar ).
Beer there too! below.
It is located at the mouth of Dungong (we speak Malay, "Dungong, Kuala Lumpur ").
If you come to Dungan town from the direction of Tanjung Hala resort, after crossing the bridge on the Dungan River, turn left immediately to the business district.
The restaurant is located in the Chinese city on this road and walks towards the estuary.
If you can read Chinese characters, here is a snapshot of the restaurant menu.
Have a wide variety of cooking sek-
Pot fish, chicken, prawns, crab, beef, pork, wild pork, Taofu, pork ribs and several kinds of vegetables.
--xa0Dr. steamed Kang
The pot fish is so fresh and delicious.
See below.
If you are a person who eats balsam pear, this omelet of balsam pear or balsam pear is very delicious.
In fact, this is the first time I taste this bitter gourd dish.
I think it's unique and creative.
However, the bitter dish is a bit hard.
If I were a cook, I would cook it a few minutes before frying it with beaten eggs.
The fried noodles of fried squid are really crispy and fragrant.
It will tempt you to have more.
The rice is delicious.
The wild curry pork is tender and juicy.
It's not that spicy unless you let the chef add spices.
If you are an alcoholic, it would be nice to have a few beers with fried squid and Curry wild pork.
--xa0They servexa0All in commonxa0Beer supplyxa0In Malaysia, for examplexa0Carlsberg, Tiger, Heineken beer, etc.
We also had a plate of garlic fried dishes.
Vegetables or green vegetables.
For the five dishes above, we all have 4 plates of steamed rice.
We also ordered a bottle of 640 ml Carlsberg (rm14.
00), a pot of 100 plus, a pot of Chinese tea.
All this was accompanied by a bill of 75 yuan for five people in total.
We think this is quite cheap for the standards in Kuala Lumpur.
We went to the same restaurant for dinner the next night.
We want a bigger Swedish Krone.
Steamed fish and bigger fried squid in a pot, instead of Curry wild pork, we ate holes-po chicken.
We had a Heineken beer.
50) the same is true, with the total reaching rm112.
We still think the price is reasonable.
The restaurant is run by a couple.
They are very simple and friendly people.
When the wife accepts the order from the customer, the husband is the cook.
Their children have grown up and are working in the city.
On the same road, there was another Chinese restaurant called Tian.
Unfortunately when I visited the town in March 2011, it had been closed for a long time.
A few years ago, it was a very famous Chinese restaurant in Dungong.
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