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vegan dishes international restaurants top 5 five vegan turkish foods - restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-06-10
For unfamiliar people, Turkish food usually means meat and kebabs, but do you know it's easy to find stress-free vegetarian food in Turkey, even close to home? It's a Turkish restaurant.If you're ready to expand your palette, then here are five delicious vegan Turkish foods for your attention on your next visit.1.If you don't mind eating eggs in a vegan diet, the doorman is a delicious Turkish dish.
It's basically a Turkish omelet, spicy and full of healthy onions, tomatoes and green peppers.This is considered breakfast in Turkey and is often sold around bus stops or diners.Like most Turkish dishes, it is better to have enough bread to match so that you can also enjoy and absorb the rest of the juice.
Gozleme -Gozleme is not the most common Turkish food, especially if you go to a restaurant, but go for it if they do provide it.Gozleme is a non-scented crepes stuffed with lots of vegetables.Quite a variety;It can be filled with spinach (ispnakli) or potatoes (patatesli.
) If you are a strict vegan and avoid dairy products, be sure to avoid gozleme (peynirsiz) without cheese ).3.Don't freak out.I assure you, there is no meat in the next dish.Yes, the name is very deceptive, but until recently, Cig Kofte was made of traditional meat.
However, meat cig kofte is very rare and sometimes even banned if you go to Turkey.However, spicy vegan variety may be the only thing you'll ever encounter when looking for it on a Turkish street corner or restaurant.This dish is made with Bulgarian, tomato and red pepper sauce.
If you want to be sure, just ask if it is a vegetarian version and if there is no meat in it.4.Now, this dish is not so much a dish as a dish that is more likely to serve vegetarian dishes.Although foreigners sometimes associate Turkish food with meat, in fact, home cooking is actually more suitable for vegetarian food than most people think.
At most Ev Yemekleri restaurants, you are looking forward to a variety of vegan dishes to choose from.5.For Turkish street explorers who want to chew things on the go, Cezerye is the perfect vegan.This strange, brightly colored snack is made of carrots, which have been cooked for a long time until all the sweetness of the vegetables is condensed.
Then add hazelnut or walnut.
You got it!Next time you walk into a Turkish restaurant or find yourself on the streets of Turkey, don't worry, there will always be a vegetarian meal waiting for you.If you like to have your palette explore, there are many Turkish restaurants in New York.The AnTalia restaurant serves authentic Turkish cuisine for your vegetarian needs.
Come here for vegetarian Turkish food and enjoy your taste buds
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