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V Is For Vulnerable - new york times chinese restaurant review hot dish

by:Two Eight     2019-08-29
V Is For Vulnerable  -  new york times chinese restaurant review hot dish
Today, my friends, we are spinning, spinning, rotating the alphabet wheel.
With multiple rotations of 26 options, can you hear its whinny and whir?
After occasional stuttering and falls, it finally settled down and settled home on the ancient "V. ” Ah … “V”;
We received a letter. . .
Today, my friends, we are spinning, spinning, rotating the alphabet wheel.
With multiple rotations of 26 options, can you hear its whinny and whir?
After occasional stuttering and falls, it finally settled down and settled home on the ancient "V. ” Ah … “V”;
This is a letter that we are familiar.
The "V" sounded the conquest, the ship, the victory, the volume and the choice of today: vulnerability.
Vulnerable groups originated in Latin and were translated into "able to get hurt ".
Think of Roman gladiators without armor.
They are vulnerable.
Attacks, whether physical, emotional or energetic, are usually our responses to vulnerability.
Over the past few months, I have been treated with three young women who all have an important aspect.
It can be said that all three young women raised the moat.
Their Castle is indestructible. No one gets in.
They all chose to be impeccable.
They remind me of three of the myths.
Head dog, Cerberus
Every young woman presents her face in a different way, both literally and figuratively.
However, every young woman believes that it is not a good idea for anyone to see their particular weaknesses or weaknesses, let alone know.
Given their background of confusion, aggressive and belittling, they spent their own time controlling everything. I can relate.
I feel that the first half of my life is to build walls to protect myself, and the second half is to dismantle the walls.
It's hard to get attacked, especially if you're always on the receiving end of a physical mortar or verbal missile flying.
Needless to say, when you start to rain, your first instinct is to either run away, either hide, protect yourself, or be paralyzed by fear, hoping you will die, so you don't have to endure the attack.
This reminds me of another example of a fragile force: Decades ago, I worked with a young mother who allowed her family life to be less than ideal when she was a child.
I asked her if there was a safe place or a hiding place in her family;
She answered the roof of the house.
Her bedroom is on the second floor and she can climb out of the window and hide from the view.
However, she is afraid to go to the roof, because if she is found, she feels that she will never have a safe space at home again.
So, she chose to turn herself into a tight ball, keep as quiet as possible, and try to be invisible in her little closet.
She is often found, but she insists that her roof is her last safe frontier, which makes her feel strangely protected.
Obviously, there is a lot to be said about being protected and not being attacked.
Whether the war comes from the inside or the outside, who wants to live in the war --
A house that is constantly besieged?
It's not the way of life, it makes sense to build walls and protect yourself.
Physical safety is, or, at least, it should be a basic baseline for all humans.
But there is more to be considered: physical vulnerability can lead to emotional vulnerability.
When our physical self is attacked from inside or outside, our emotional self will follow.
In other words, if I were to live in an environment where the war in Iraq, Canada was widowed or recovered while I was hospitalized in New York, my emotional self would also react.
I may become depressed, crying, angry, or even numb.
Instead, if I find myself under a lot of pressure on something, I may throw away my back, have a headache or have a rash on my arm.
In fact, with most new employees catching a cold in the first three weeks of their new job, I have watched it over and over again.
Emotional fragility leads to physical fragility.
When our emotional self is besieged, our bodies react to the disease,
"Relax," rash, rest and a variety of physical bulletins.
After all, we are the whole;
Spirit, body and spirit work at the same time.
Some people, like my three young women, think that if they are emotionally indestructible, then they are safe in every way.
They have control and power.
They have already added the opening to the brick, and no one can go in . . . . . . No one can go out.
They made themselves rigid.
Their emotional state was put on hold.
Under their protection, they miss the sweetness of life.
There is no real intimacy, no more authenticity.
Some people then follow a very strict lifestyle.
The food they eat is very clean, the quantity is very small, after adjustment;
Exercise regularly and seriously and invest in the best results of their bodies.
Madonna's 18 months before her sticky sweet trip, her food and workout routine was a great example.
According to media reports, her strict training has put emotional pressure on her marriage.
Whether it's true or not, the key is that we have more
We need to give and accept in all areas of our lives.
We believe that no matter what we think is rigid, fixed and powerful, there is a flexible, impermanent and weak correspondence point, which makes sense.
This is how life works;
Where there is Yin, where there is Yang.
I remembered a woman who worked with me and she was knocked down for severe disability and chronic illness.
She is weak,
Her spirit is strong.
Vulnerability is part of humanity.
We little babies, or those who are sick, are under a lot of pressure, have a lot of troubles, or are willing to accept some kind of injury just to survive.
In the midst of a hurricane, betrayal of a loved one, or improper advice from a mortgage banker, vulnerability can be a surprise.
It has many shapes and forms.
Suitable for all ages.
Holes are like balsamic for me-sweet-sour, mineral-
Rich fermented wine that has been precipitated to the bottom of the barrel.
Our weaknesses may sting us, but they may also open our hearts.
It is through our humanity and through these selves that
The same holes we connect to each other.
One of the reasons comedy resonates with many of us is that it is based on this kind of sharing vulnerability.
Vulnerability takes its highest form as a measure of acceptance.
Can we accept our soft, scabs, dark selves?
If so, acceptance becomes a prelude to healing.
For those of us on the spiritual path, accepting our weaknesses is the first step in surrender to the divine.
"Our inner achievements will change the outer reality," Plutarch said.
I agree with that, adding, "What we have achieved on the surface will change the inner reality . "
"It's all manual. in-hand.
Everything is connected.
So do you agree that choosing to be consciously vulnerable to yourself is also a great force?
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