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used restaurant dishes for sale in northern mn The World's Most Disgusting Foods That Will Make You Lose Your Appetite

by:Two Eight     2019-08-19
used restaurant dishes for sale in northern mn The World\'s Most Disgusting Foods That Will Make You Lose Your Appetite
If you think it's unhealthy and disgusting to eat fast food, wait and read the article.
Some foods are disgusting in themselves. some foods are prepared in the least hygienic way and are not suitable for human consumption because they cause serious health problems and even death.
The type of food mentioned in this article is not just eating game meat.
If you have not tried the game before, you will be very shocked by what people in other countries are eating.
It is also incredible to see people around the world like to eat animals slaughtered in the most inhuman way. WARNING!
Please note that this article is about the disgusting food that some people eat and the disgusting way to prepare food.
Some images and videos contain disturbing, disgusting images.
If you feel sick about disgusting things, you may want to stop reading now.
Here is the most disgusting food on Earth.
This food is certainly not for those who are afraid of dogs and spiders.
Fried tarantula is a local snack in Cambodia.
Skuon is also known locally as "Spiderville ".
Giant spiders with the human palm-sized tarantula species breed in holes on the ground and later sell on the market.
Before the tarantula is fried in oil, mix it with salt, sugar, MSG and garlic until the legs are crisp and crisp.
Fried tarantula is sold as a snack on the street.
Many tourists come to Skuon to taste the local fried snacks.
In the video below, watch how the tarantula is cooked and eaten.
These are the funny little flaps on the Cock's head.
I want to know how many chickens they want to catch for a dish with a chicken crown?
Combs of Pheas chicken, turkey and chicken are commonly used in chicken crown dishes.
Chicken crowns are often used in French and Italian dishes.
Chicken Crown flowers can be stewed with other ingredients, cooked with liver and eggs, and can also be made into desserts.
People who eat kefir a lot may want to try kumis.
Kefir is the milk fermented by acid, while kumis is the milk fermented by the mare (MARE.
Well, not many of us have tasted the camel's milk, which is as rare as the camel's milk.
The mother's milk contains more lactose than ordinary milk and is not suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.
Horse milk is also a powerful agent.
Usually not eaten until after fermentation.
Horse milk is fermented with liquid starter to produce kumis.
People from Turkic, Mongolian and some Hungarian tribes are eating kumis.
Balut is a fertilized duck embryo that has hatched for at least 17 days.
The unhatched chicken in the egg is cooked and eaten with salt, pepper, garlic or vinegar.
The chicks are almost completely formed and most parts of the chicks can already be identified, such as heads, bodies, wings and even feathers.
Balut is a popular street snack in the Philippines.
The vendor walked from the street to the street and shouted "Balut! balut!
\ "When they cross the community by bike.
Balut is also common daily food in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
If you're on a vacation in Mexico, be careful when you order a taco and a filling that looks like caviar.
The Escamoles taste butter and are as consistent as farm cheese.
This is not cheese, but the larvae hatched from the eggs of the giant black Liometopum ant.
Larvae are usually found at the roots of agave or maguey plants.
In Sardinia, Italy, kasumazu is a traditional goat milk cheese.
You might ask, what's so disgusting about this cheese?
Well, it's full of live insect larvae, so it's actually illegal on Sardinia.
In order to speed up the fermentation process, break down the fat, give the cheese a very soft texture, and deliberately introduce translucent white larvae.
Some people remove the larvae from the cheese before they eat it, but others will eat the cheese as they do now.
This is a lot of mag worms in their belly, ewww!
Eating the placenta is called the placenta ophag food, which is common in the animal world and not common in humans.
However, in Chinese medicine and cooking recipes, the human placenta was used, which is said to be after cure
Postpartum depression, postpartum bleeding and other birth conditions.
Not sure if this really works, but it's very disgusting to cook and eat your own placenta after delivery. Totally gross.
In China and other countries, such as Indonesia, the brain eating monkeys has been practiced.
This is the most disgusting and brutal way to torture animals.
The brain is sometimes cooked.
It's getting worse now. . .
In a Chinese restaurant, the head of the monkey was shaved off a part of the skull, revealing the brain.
The brain eats more directly from the monkey's skull.
In many cases, when the monkey's brain is eaten, it is still alive, which is worse than watching a horror movie.
Imagine the torment and pain that poor animals are experiencing.
Other times, when the monkey's brain is served, it is dead.
Eating animal brains can lead to diseases such as spongiform brain disease and Creutzfeldt.
The deadly Jacob Disease and prion.
Eating live fish originated in Taiwan.
When the fish is still alive, its body will be fried.
When the fish head is still moving and twitching, the diners choose the cooked part of the fish to eat.
How cruel is this?
It is now illegal to provide fish in this way in Taiwan.
However, there are still live fish in restaurants in China and Japan.
It is known in Japan as Ikizukuri, which includes live fish, squid and octopus.
Fortunately, Ikizukuri is banned in Australia.
In the video below, watch the live fish that the female reporter is eating.
In ancient times, many countries ate dog meat during difficult times without food.
Although dog damage is considered inappropriate and illegal in many countries, dog meat can still be sold in some Asian countries.
People who eat dog meat may be infected with rabies, which can lead to death, especially in the case that many dogs caught are stray dogs with diseases.
Poor bulls are worse than John Bobbit because their organs are cooked and eaten by humans.
People eat bulls in some South America, European countries and Asia.
The video below shows how to prepare and cook bull penis in Taiwan.
It's not too disgusting to look at it, but having to eat the bull penis doesn't sound very tempting, but people seem to like to eat this delicious.
Coffee drinkers, do you know exactly where the coffee beans come from?
Lui Luwak is one of the most expensive coffee in the world.
Well, not that bad. . .
It is made of Indonesian coffee beans.
Some nocturnal animals in the jungle are called Asian palm civet, which can eat berries first.
It's getting worse now. . .
The flesh of the berries is digested, and the beans in the berries are defecated, meaning they come out with the feces of the civet.
The beans in the poo are collected and thoroughly cleaned (preferably ).
The coffee beans (no poo) are then dried and baked like other coffee beans. Coffee, anyone?
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