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USA Today names S.A.'s 10 best places for food - mexican restaurant main dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-30
USA Today names S.A.\'s 10 best places for food  -  mexican restaurant main dishes
The list of "10 best food spots in San Antonio" was released, an interesting collection.
The number one restaurant is Gwendolyn, 152 E. Pecan St.
Suite 100, writer (former Express Mail-
News travel editor says it is a restaurant that cannot be ignored.
"The list also includes the farmer's market for Mixtli, Monterey, lascaja, Pearl and Alamo Quarry Market, Dough pizzeria, Bliss, Cured, arcade Midtown Kitchen and Tuk
Experience some of Argentina's flavors on Pearl, 312 Pearl Avenue. A three-
Of course, the dining options include starter chicken pie or goat sausage.
Choose the main course between seafood risotto and beef loin meat, grilled peppers, onions and chim fish;
There is also a dessert with alfajores, a classic cookie from Argentina.
The price of the Prix fix menu is $39, and the price of malbecs pairing is $20 extra.
The new menu for special items continued until April 14.
If you need to book, you can call the restaurant 210-554-6484.
Favorite place for lunch, clean plate, 1022Main Ave.
, Expanded business hours, dinner served now10 p. m. Wednesday-Saturday.
The dishes emphasize sustainable ingredients that are pesticide-free and genetically modified and are as local as possible. Chef and co-
The owner prepares the dishes in a rustic, low-key style, focusing on the quality of the ingredients themselves.
The dishes will change with the season and the supply of ingredients.
Items on the open menu include coffee-
Braised Buffalo spareribs, grilled chicken and spaghetti sauce for $13 main course$22.
The restaurant does not have a liquor license, Co-co said.
Boss, but customers are welcome to bring their own wine.
The restaurant charges $7 for bottle opening.
For information, please call restaurant 210-229-
9866 or visit Antonio. com.
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