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unusual restaurants to visit in your lifetime - doing dishes in a new york restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-13
unusual restaurants to visit in your lifetime  -  doing dishes in a new york restaurant
As you all know, themed dining is an extreme dining experience, but if you're looking for something truly unique, you might want to go to one of the restaurants.
All promises offered oncein-a-
Dining experience for a lifetime, but be sure you get the right booking or you may not get a table!
This Latvian hospital restaurant in Riga, Latvia takes quite a bit of travel time, but you may find it worth visiting.
You enter the door of a drug-like cabinet and feed plates that look much like body parts with flasks and surgical plates.
You can even have one of the nurses if you wantturned-
The waitress tied you a straight jacket after your meal.
The booth is a hospital style bed and the chair is similar to what you see in the dentist's office.
Ice restaurant in Dubai brings your coat for your next trip to Dubai and book a table in Chillout, an Ice lounge where everything is carved with Ice.
Your chair, your plate, and even your cup are cold.
Don't worry if you decide to taste food here but don't pack warm clothes.
The staff will be happy to lend you the right gear.
The Ninja restaurant in New York imagines the exquisite Japanese cuisine served by real ninja fighters.
Ninja in New York, that's exactly what you can do.
All the waiters in this restaurant have been trained in ninja fighting.
You will dine in the garden or ninja village.
Be careful when you use the restroom under the excuse, as one person may jump off the ceiling to surprise you.
The food is great compared to other high-end Japanese restaurants, but the atmosphere is something you won't forget soon.
Has the Japanese prison restaurant ever thought about how it feels to eat in prison?
At the prison themed restaurant in Tokyo, you will dine in your own private cell and enjoy dishes such as lethal injection cocktails and adultery dishes.
Make sure you enjoy the people you eat with, because you will be handcuffed when you arrive!
Yellow Tree House is located in Auckland, New Zealand.
Here guests climb up the ramp and come to the carefully designed tree house where they can dine outdoors and have a bird's eye view of the forest.
While there are other restaurants that put you at the same level in a forest setting, few are as open and natural as this one.
Underwater restaurants in the Maldives you may have seen restaurants in the aquarium where you can dine with the surrounding marine life, but Isa, located near the coast of the Maldives, is actually underwater.
It can only accommodate 14 people at a time, but the dining experience surrounded by underwater creatures in the natural habitat is something you won't forget soon.
You will enter the restaurant through a spiral staircase, which sits in a thatched pavilion at the end of the pier, 5 metres from sea level.
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