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typical dishes and peculiarities of calabria cuisine - typical thai restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-10
typical dishes and peculiarities of calabria cuisine  -  typical thai restaurant dishes
The Calabria cuisine, as well as all the other Italian cuisines, is influenced by its history and structure.
Visit Calabria means discover
This wonderful Italian region features delicious food very often and you have the opportunity to taste some typical dishes and products that belong to the culture and history of the region when you eat in Calabria.
Although many of the typical dishes of Calabria have remained the same and have been influenced by people who have lived in the area in the past, from the Greeks and Arabs, the Calabria food is good --
It is well known that Italy (and elsewhere) uses peppers in large quantities, an ingredient that is imported only after it is discovered in the United States, and therefore less ancient than other ingredients.
In fact, peppers are very common in the Calabria dishes, and many dishes are characterized by a rich flavor.
This is the case of blue fish silverfish in typical soft salami sirnduja and oil, known in Calabria as Jancumangiari, made with chili and fried.
Another very common ingredient in the area is onion, strictly from Tropea!
The small village in the province of Vibo Valentine has a strict connection with the name of the famous red onion, which has been given a quality sign and is not sweet.
Onions are used as ingredients for many dishes, such as the typical Tropea dish, tuna.
In fact, this cuisine is characterized by a strong and spicy taste, which may seem odd as it seems to contradict the heat of the summer in the area, but Pepper, the Onion and the rich taste are an important part of the Calabria cuisine.
Food buffet in Calabria
Obviously, there are plenty of fish dishes here, because it is one of the areas with a high proportion of Italian coastal areas.
If you happen to visit the coast of Calabria, you may taste delicious fish dishes.
Tuna and swordfish are the most widely used fish in Calabria dishes, at least in the case of the tyrannian sea, while on the shores of the Ionian Sea it features blue fish
Some of the outstanding dishes are sarsarsardella sauce, a sauce made from the mushroom or silverfish of the green fish, rich in spices and peppers, of course, you can apply or
Not only is it fish, though: the meat dishes of Calabria (first of all goats and pork) are also very rich.
Some of the typical dishes in the area are fried, made of pork loops and meat, with pork, lamb chops and olives (onions, tomatoes, peppers and green olives), Calabria sausage, very famous Italian sausage (an Italian sausage that can be ice or sweet), and pasta with pork and goat sauce.
In addition to onions, eggplants, broad beans, tomatoes and peppers, the most common vegetables are used to prepare very delicious dishes, such as eggplant parmesan cheese or stuffed peppers.
All in all, eating in Calabria means tasting strong flavors and dishes, which gives you a lot of insight into the Italian region.
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