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Types of Sushi - popular japanese restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-06
Types of Sushi  -  popular japanese restaurant dishes
Sushi is a popular Japanese cuisine with many different versions to stimulate the taste buds of food lovers.
Here is a brief overview of some common sushi types.
The word sushi refers to Japanese cuisine, mainly made of vinegar and rice.
This statement may confuse those who think "sushi" refers to sashimi.
However, this is a common misconception associated with this dish.
In fact, raw fish is one of the ingredients for sushi.
Slice the original fish.
Sushi is a traditional Japanese food. one of its ingredients may be raw fish or raw fish.
There are different kinds of sushi. vinegar rice (or sushi rice) is the main ingredient of almost all sushi.
There are many kinds of sushi, both traditional sushi and modern sushi.
Although you can find a lot of traditional sushi varieties, there are countless contemporary sushi varieties according to local tastes.
This makes sushi a popular dish around the world.
Many versions of the dish are made using different ingredients.
So the main difference between all kinds of sushi is the different ingredients.
In fact, these ingredients change the flavor and texture of the final product.
To make different types of sushi, you can change the toppings, condiments, or fillings.
For example, one of the ingredients for some sushi is raw fish or cooked fish.
For all types of sushi, the types of fish used may not be the same.
Similarly, different types of sushi rice can be used.
The variety of sushi may vary in shape, size and even service style.
It is difficult to provide a solid list of sushi types.
Here are some of the most common and popular.
The sushi originated in Osaka (Japan), where people began to prepare the dish using wooden molds. .
The bottom of the mold is lined with toppings covered with sushi rice.
Then press the contents with the lid to form a rectangular block and slice it and use it as a bitesized pieces.
Roots (a thick green root of the anemone plant that tastes like a anemone) and ingredients;
Usually thin slices of fish like tuna and salmon. .
There are ingredients such as octopus, sweet eggs, squid and eel.
More is regarded as a cylindrical piece. . .
Once set, it is cut into pieces and served.
Made from different types of files.
Even the shape and size of the slice may vary depending on the type.
Canned tuna and mayonnaise.
This sushi is slightly different in appearance from traditional sushi.
This is a bag of fried tofu with ordinary sushi rice and no other ingredients.
Some areas replace tofu with thin omelet.
This sushi is placed in a bowl and all the ingredients are mixed or arranged in a bowl.
It is very easy to prepare this sushi compared to other kinds.
The ingredients for sushi may vary from region to region.
Mix cooked and raw ingredients in sushi rice.
It consists of a bowl of sushi rice topped with cooked and uncooked ingredients.
It is also a traditional dish that is rare in Southeast Asian countries, especially outside Japan.
To prepare the sushi, the fish is washed, peeled and cut;
Save with salt and rice.
Traditionally, fish and rice are weighed in wooden barrels.
Once the fish is fermented, the rice is discarded and the fish is consumed.
It takes about six months to ferment, and the fermented fish must be eaten within the next six months.
The types of sushi mentioned above are mostly traditional or traditional sushi.
However, there are many other versions of sushi to meet the needs of western food lovers.
They are mainly provided in the form of different types of volumes.
They include caterpillar rolls (avocado, cucumber and other ingredients );
Roll of explosives (yellow tail fish, bean sprouts, carrots and mayonnaise );
A Philadelphia roll with cooked salmon, cucumber, onion and cream cheese;
California rolls made of avocado, crab sticks, seaweed and rice;
Rainbow rolls made of various sliced raw fish;
There is also the Louis Anna roll with blue crab, raw fish, mayonnaise and chili sauce.
This is just some popular sushi.
Since there are unlimited versions of sushi, it is difficult to determine a final list.
You have to try different types in order to find the best.
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