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Types of Oscar Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Types of Oscar Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
The tiger Oscar, the Red Oscar and the white disease Oscar are among the most important species of Oscar.
They are known for their charming and colorful scale and the quality of identifying the owner.
Learn more about the types and features of this beautiful aquatic creature.
Oscar Fish is one of the most beautiful fish found in the tropical world. .
The tropical fish is known for its aggression and dominance.
They belong to freshwater fish and are found in rivers such as Amazon, orinoko and La Plata.
Although they are native to South America, they are also found in Colombia and Peru.
There are basically three kinds of Oscar Fish: tiger oscar, Red Oscar and white disease Oscar.
All other fish except these major species are the result of cross breeding.
Oscar fish can grow up to 16 inch and need a lot of space.
They rule the aquarium and scare other fish.
They even like to eat small fish.
One of the best qualities of these fish is that they recognize the owner and can also get food from their hands.
This quality gives them names like River Dogs or water dogs.
They even shook their heads or shook their heads when they saw the master.
Their average life span is 10 to 12 years.
Because these creatures are very aggressive, it may be difficult for Oscar fish to breed.
It's better to put 5 or 6 small fish together and let them choose their partner.
If you observe violence between fish, separate the violence because it can even kill another fish.
The main types of oscar fish are tiger fish, red fish and white fish.
In addition to these common types, there are many other types found to be Oscar-type hybrids.
These include the Los Angeles Oscar, the lemon Oscar and the yellow Oscar.
Tiger Oscar is considered the original fish of Oscar.
The chocolate brown or gray base is marked with crimson and orange color.
They are said to be wild Oscars of many other varieties.
These fish are pure varieties and no abnormalities were found.
They are very nice as pets because they have the real behavior and features of Oscar.
There are many shades of red in the red Oscar.
There are crimson, bright red, rusty orange, etc.
They lack the usual marks or spots in the tiger oscar.
Red Oscar and tiger oscar are among the most popular and easy to buy fish on the market.
The red scales of these fish are mixed with color and sometimes give them a velvet look.
This makes their eyes catchy and attractive.
As the name suggests, the Oscar is white.
The combination of red and orange can find them, but usually you will find them on a white base.
Although they look different from other types, they are true in variety and behavior.
They have shiny white scales that look like velvet.
The white background color and red eyes can identify the real white patients.
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