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Types of Freshwater Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Types of Freshwater Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
The Earth is a blue planet with 70% of the surface covered by water, of which 97.
5% includes salt water and 2.
5% includes fresh water.
Fresh water can accommodate a wide range of fish, many of which are raised by amateurs or by professionals.
Freshwater fish found around the world have different habitat requirements and swimming levels.
Their temperament and lighting needs are different.
This information helps to choose the right combination of freshwater fish and provides the environment needed for enthusiasts.
Not all of them are recommended to beginners.
Some of them are only strictly recommended to experienced fish farmers to maintain the factors they need to survive.
As the name suggests, these fish make the aquarium free of algae.
Like most other fish, they prefer to hide in wood, rocks and plants.
Because they mainly live on algae, a little bit of sunshine in the aquarium is better for them.
Chinese algae eaters occasionally enjoy lettuce and spinach.
It is said that if these types of freshwater fish do not have other sources of food (not just algae), they tend to prey on other fish that are adjacent to them.
It is well known that sarmons is very special in terms of their territorial rights.
They don't like to have other fish in their waters.
This means that they live in the ocean but breed in fresh water (streams or lakes.
An amazing fact of the Salmons life cycle is that they live in fresh water early, mature in salt water, and return to fresh water to breed before death.
These freshwater tropical fish are usually found in streams on the mountain (300 from sea level ).
As we all know, this black ruby fish has aggressive temperament and prefers plants and rocks in their habitat.
It looks more like the mouth of a spear and usually stays in the river.
Their name is called "Trouble at Sea" because some of them (mostly women) have spent part of their lives at sea (about a year ).
When they come back from life at sea, they tend to be larger in size than their counterparts.
Those who did not go on a "vacation at sea!
Goldfish are beautiful and ornamental freshwater fish.
It is widely believed that they were the first freshwater fish to be domesticated by humans.
These species enjoy cool streams, lakes and ponds.
They had neither the stomach nor closed their eyes when they slept.
Some exotic goldfish species include oranda, ranchu and pearlscape.
Common types of goldfish include fan tail, Black Moor, ordinary goldfish and Leaf tail.
Swordtail fish have a reputation for peace in normal circumstances, but they are also considered offensive to other men.
As we all know, they are also good pets in freshwater aquarium.
Swordtail fish and chips must be kept away from other swordtail fish because it is a common habit for these fish to eat juvenile fish.
Prepared food or live food;
It's all their food.
These freshwater fish belong to the educated fish population.
When the fish are kept in the fish tank, they form six or more fish and produce a beautiful glow in the appropriate light.
Lotus light fish, other species of glowlight black neon fish.
These freshwater fish are very large, only 10-
20 cm and thin-
The body in the shape of the chest fin.
They took their name "bull's head" from the wide flat head ".
They limit their entire life cycle to a river and can be seen as "live freshwater fish ".
Because they do not have good swimming quality, they prefer the shallow water area and live under the stone.
They live mainly in animals.
The male heads turn black, and the females become plump when they start the ovulation period of their lives.
Min fish can grow to 9 cm, one of the smaller freshwater fish in the world.
Big eyes, small mouth, blunt nose.
They range in color from silver and gray to brown and yellow.
They are an important part of the Trout diet, mainly living upstream of the river.
In the case of these species, the back turns black, the sides turn yellow, and the abdomen and lower fins appear bright red during the spawning season.
Carp are common and major freshwater fish species found almost all over the world.
They thrive in ponds with large groups of fish such as common or King carp, lens fish, koi, carp, bi fish, carp and squid.
Carp fish can bring good luck to people in Asian countries.
About 41% of the known fish are freshwater fish, which mainly live in rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, etc.
The salinity is as low as 0. 05%.
Different species of these fish have different needs and requirements for their habitat.
This fact becomes important when raising them as pets.
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