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Types of Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
Types of Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Fish are aquatic creatures found around the world.
There are about 32,000 species of fish, and in terms of species, they are the most diverse group in the spine!
Fish is the earliest spinal animal on Earth.
They provide a very basic blueprint for the various body structures that have evolved since then (of course, there are a lot of changes to meet the needs of each species )!
The fish's evolutionary record dates back to nearly 0. 5 billion years when the first fish
Appear like a creature.
According to experts, this is the prequel of the actual fish because they lack the right bone or dry cartilage.
From these fish
Like a creature, the first accepted fishthe jaw-less fish!
Since then, no one has ever looked back at these inconspicuous creatures, because there are thousands of species of fish today, and their existence is attributed to these chins. less ancestors.
Think about it. there are only two varieties of Chin today.
Less fish.
Hagfish and the seven-tailed snake. The jaw-
The first category is plated fish, which does not survive for a long time and eventually goes extinct after a few years.
Except for hag fish and seven-mouth fish, all the remaining fish belong to the remaining two categories --
Boneless and cartilage.
There are more than 32,000 species of fish known in the world.
There are almost 27,000 species including hard bone fish.
Of the remaining species, 970 include rays fish, sharks and chimera, and 108 are seven-mouth fish and hag fish.
These creatures without chin are very primitive in nature.
Not only do they lack the chin, most of the species in the two surviving groups also do not have a clear stomach, fin, or the ability to regulate their body temperature (I. e.
They are hot outside ).
There is not much information about their mating or reproductive habits, but fertilization is considered external.
Hag fish is the main food for dead animals, while the seven-mouth fish is the main food for other fish.
As the name says, these fish have cartilage bones.
Young people are born with a spine that is gradually replaced by cartilage.
They have scales, fins and paired fins.
Although they have bones, they lack ribs;
So if they are taken out of the water, they will die because their weight will squeeze their internal organs.
They also lack bone marrow.
The shark's jagged tail (the top leaf is larger than the bottom leaf) helps them move.
The fish in this category have a skeleton, a fin and a camp that allows them to breathe at rest.
There are fish adders (a gas) in many species ).
Filling organs that help fish control buoyancy ).
With a few exceptions, this type of fish is extra hot.
Although the main organ for breathing is gills, most species are also able to breathe through the lungs/Swimming
Bladder/stomach/skin or intestines!
It is divided into the following 4 categories: Other examples of bone fish are ar fish, flying fish and milk fish.
One of the main ingredients used in lipstick manufacturing is fish scales!
Most brands use it to make lipsticks for a shiny effect, and the next time you apply a generous coat on your lips, you may remember this!
Here are a few examples of these categories, although they are by no means all fish in that particular category.
Freshwater fish adapt to survive at very low levels below 0.
Salinity level 05%.
These fish have to do some extra work compared to salt water, as they have to make the best use of very low salt in fresh water to keep the balance of salt in the body.
Their main body adaptation is the scale of the body, and it is very good.
Kidney development.
Scale helps reduce the spread of water in the body, while the kidneys help keep as much salt as possible.
Due to the water pollution caused by human beings, a large number of freshwater species are now on the verge of extinction.
Marine fish are usually adapted to water with an average pH of 8. 2.
Often, these fish are characterized by bright colors and have many different bodies adapted, making it easier for them to protect themselves from predators. 1. 2. 3.
Another example of the Sea Fish is the Eagle Fish, the grouper, the dolphin and the nurse shark.
There are many reasons for fish migration, but according to research, the most important reason is reproduction and diet.
Migrating fish can travel thousands of kilometers away.
Some feed fish migrate in triangles, and in a sense they have three stops (they migrate from Stop 1 to stop 2, from Stop 2 to stop 3, migrating from Stop 3 they are usually located at the tip of the triangle.
Dolphins, Char and trout are among the few examples in this category.
Two of the most popular "fish", jellyfish and starfish don't actually belong to the fish family, no matter what their name says!
As more and more people want to keep the aquarium at home, aquarium fish are becoming more and more popular.
But it's not easy to pick up fish from a pet shop and put them in a bowl.
According to the environment required for aquarium fish to survive and thrive, aquarium fish are further divided into three categories.
These three categories are described below.
Once the basic needs are met, there is little maintenance required for freshwater aquarium fish.
They need the lowest level of salinity to survive.
Therefore, adding salt is very unnecessary, but there are different views on this topic.
The surface area should be determined according to how many fish will be raised in the aquarium in order to provide enough oxygen for the water.
It is necessary to provide some furniture in the aquarium to make the fish interesting and stimulate them.
For freshwater aquarium fish, the water temperature should be kept between 24 °c and 28 °c.
Marine aquarium fish have slightly strict requirements in terms of pH, alkaline, temperature and so on of water.
Therefore, the cost of maintaining marine fish species exceeds the cost required for freshwater species.
All aquarium fish require a pH of 8. 2 to 8.
Can survive.
In addition, it needs to be filtered regularly, which is a complicated process if it is an aquarium of the ocean.
Usually these fish prefer natural sunlight or fluorescence.
Marine fish need a temperature range of 10 ° c to 24 ° c, while tropical marine fish need a temperature range of 24 ° c to 28 ° c.
Salty fish need a temperature range of 22 °c to 28 °c.
Their main requirement is that the salinity levels can vary depending on the species that are preserved, but all micro-salted fish species are well adapted to different salinity levels!
One interesting thing to keep in mind is that the fish in the slightly salty aquarium tend to jump, so in order to prevent them from jumping out of the tank, the fish tank must always be covered!
Changing salinity regularly will help keep the fish healthy.
Other examples of fish at the bitter salt Aquarium include selffin Molly, Indian glass fish, orange Chrome fish and American flag fish.
Although the records are different
The historical fish known as Leedsichthys is considered the largest fish ever.
Although some ancient biologists say it's only about 30-
It is 40 feet long and weighs about 10 tons, and it is argued that it is over 70 feet in length and may weigh up to 50 tons!
These huge creatures have more than 40,000 teeth, but you will be surprised to find that their food is mainly plankton, probably only plankton.
Of the existing fish, whale sharks are the closest to these giants, and their length and weight are about 38-65 feet. 40 tons.
Not only is the fish delicious, but it offers a lot of health benefits, which is a wonderful world for you in the long run!
Regular consumption of fish helps prevent all kinds of cancer and cardiovascular diseases
Vascular disease, skin and hair problems also help to maintain the stimulation of the brain.
But you see, because it's just the tip of the iceberg.
Again, these are just some of the health benefits of eating fish regularly.
They are helpful in many ways, why not make them a routine in your diet?
The fact that they are delicious will only increase their appeal!
Here are some of the most popular food fish.
Other edible fish are sea fish, Sturgeon, sea eel and munk fish. .
Although this sounds incredible, the fish will drown!
Fish need a certain amount of oxygen in the water of life. if they don't get the required oxygen, they will drown!
Most of the fish included in this category have their own
Explanatory names, while some have developed strange physical traits, others have developed such excellent disguised bodies that you will not know if they are fish if you are not told
This category of fish deserves a lot of praise because they do their best to be at the top of the "survival of the fittest" and you can see some of them to help themselves, it has taken a long way in terms of physical structure and adaptation.
Look at these fascinating creatures!
The seahorse is a fascinating creature.
There are 4 reasons here. . . 1.
They have excellent camouflage ability to change colors according to the surrounding environment. 2.
Seahorse is one of two types of fish that can swim vertically, and the other is shrimpfish/razorfish. 3.
The eyes of the hippocampus can move independently.
So when one eye looks back, the other can look at the front or the side! 4.
In the hippocampus, the pregnant man!
The female puts her eggs in the male bag, where he fertilizes them and then carries them until they are ready to hatch.
Male hippocampus provides prolactin for eggs, while bags regulate the temperature and salinity of water and also provide oxygen for eggs.
Of all types of fish, freshwater fish appear to be the most vulnerable when they are endangered.
In general, the Red List of IUCN lists more than 1000 species of endangered fish.
Of course, the reason is water pollution, habitat destruction, over-fishing, and sometimes the introduction of different species in different habitats.
Strict measures need to be taken to ensure that these listed species are quickly on the list and are safe and reliable in their natural habitat.
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