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types of crockery used in restaurants Understanding Restaurant and Menu Terms - 50 Explained

by:Two Eight     2019-08-18
types of crockery used in restaurants Understanding Restaurant and Menu Terms - 50 Explained
You are lucky to come to a nice restaurant.
Maybe you're with your boss, maybe you're trying to impress on your first date, or push the boat outlaws.
OK, so you don't go into the restaurant as deep as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but when you receive the menu, you don't want to admit that you don't understand half of the terms, or ask the waiter a bunch of questions.
Here's a quick guide and term nemesis for something that might be confusing.
I hope you find it more useful than visiting!
Depending on the region, some of these terms may be very familiar or completely unfamiliar.
There are so many changes from one country to another, from one village to another, and even restaurants to restaurants in the same village, that it is impossible to give a clear definition.
(Full horse)®Telephone), he is basically "in front of the House" and is responsible for managing the waiting personnel.
They can go from being very helpful and pleasant to being slightly arrogant. aperitif.
Despite changes in the fashion of various appetizers, what remains the same is that it is an alcoholic drink designed to stimulate appetite.
Classic options include: Champagne, vermouth, Campari, Kir
Blackcurrant wine-
Filled with white wine), Kir Royale (instead of white wine with champagne as before) and dry sherry.
(Italian toast rubbed with garlic ,-
In the most classic form
Topped with olive oil, topped with chopped tomatoes and herbs), cold dishes, and even a small piece of fried food.
You may have to select the type of menu you want to select.
Below, some of the major changes are sorted by price increase.
At the best institutions will be the cheapest option.
Will still leave you 45 behind in three courses.
The literal meaning translated from French is "according to the card ".
Each dish will be listed separately and priced separately.
Menu-tasting menu
The tasting menu offers many (usually six) smaller classes at a fixed price.
In almost all restaurants, the entire dining table has to choose the tasting menu.
Sometimes there is a special seasonal tasting menu or tasting menu that exceeds the "standard" tasting menu.
The price will be higher. your food.
This means matching a wine to a specific food with the aim of enhancing the taste. -
The person in charge of wine selection and service-
Different wines will be selected to complement each dish, or several options will be provided for each dish.
The menu should show the cost per person so you don't have any nasty surprises. Amuse bouche -a bite-
Free size offers at the beginning of the meal. Blue -
Cooked steak than very rare
There is a cold original center where both sides are Scorched (about 10 seconds ). Bouillon -
Broth of celery, onion and carrot (mirepoix );
Herbs, vegetables, veal, chicken bones. Cannon -
He removed all the fat.
This is the slimmest lamb or venison. Carpaccio -in Venice.
The term Carpaccio has now been expanded to refer to any very thin slices, including fish and vegetables. Ceviche -
A South American raw fish or seafood, salt and pepper marinated in citrus juice. Chateaubriand -
Thick cut from the Tenderloin
Usually serve two people. Compote -
Fruit stewed with syrup, usually served as dessert. Confit -
Meat cooked slowly with its own fat;
The most common is duck. Consommé -
A clarified broth with no food particles in it. Coulis -
A thick and smooth sauce made of fruit or vegetables, fermented.
Very popular after 80 s. Digestif -
An alcoholic drink that helps digestion after meals.
It's common: Brandy, armagnac, cognac, lemon wine, whiskey and grappa. Al cartoccio) -
A cooking method in which the food is baked in a sealed oil-proof paper bag, which means that the food is steamed with its own juice. Entrecôte -
From the rib area of the animal. Filet mignon -
Cut beef from the smaller end of the tenderloin.
It's tender.
Florence steakHigh quality T-
Bone steak removed from Chianina calf, hanging 5-6 days.
Bake on charcoal fire and season with salt.
After the meat leaves the fire, add olive oil strictly.
Very thick cut, very big, usually rare. -
A way of cooking alcohol
Such as brandy or cognac
Is added to a hot pot and lit to create a flame.
Steak, banana and pancakes are all suitable for this cooking technique. Foie gras -
A specially fattening liver of a goose or duck.
Foie gras can be used as mousse, Parfitt or patter. ©Can be pan-seared. Fricassée -
Chicken or poultry and veal are the most common;
Cut the meat into pieces, sprinkle it on flour, stir fry©Cook in butter or oil and then cook with vegetables, usually including wine.
There are also many changes.
A Furong is lightly stewed. Fusion -
This is a real buzzword in the restaurant.
Basically a dish that combines the techniques or ingredients of two or more regional dishes. Ganache -
Sauce/sugar coat made of chocolate and cream. -
Italian decorations made of chopped garlic, parsley and lemon zest.
There are a lot of changes/additions, but the lemon peel is the same.
It's usually slow.
Cooked braised meat like osso bucco (see below) can also be paired with grilled fish or chicken. Julienne -
This is a French term for a method of cutting vegetables into thin strips/matchsticks. Jus (Au jus) -
Usually refers to the barbecue that is placed in your own juice.
In the way the pot is used, it is similar to gravy
Drop and use inventory to go
Glaze the pot but be distinguished by the fact that it is not glazedthickened. Millefeuille -
In the cooking environment, literally 1000 leaves, refers to a rectangular puff pastry with a layer of pastry cream.
Baked sauce (baked with cream )-
Unsalted butter that has been slightly Brown (no burning! ). Osso bucco -.
When cooked, the bone marrow in the center melts into the sauce, leaving a hole in the middle; hence the name. . . Parfait -
Parfaits can be sweet or delicious, with many varieties.
In the traditional French sense, they are smooth and contain layered ingredients.
In France, a sweet parfait is often a frozen dessert consisting of eggs, whipped cream, sugar, and condiments that can be sliced in a mold.
"American parfait" is more of a sundae with a layer of ice cream, syrup, cream and fruit.
Duck liver and rabbit liver are common delicacies. Pavé -
In fact, it means "pebbles". The term refers to the shape-
Sweet or salty
Food is served. Petit fours -
Small cakes and biscuits with coffee. (a la) -
It includes garlic, tomatoes and olive oil, and sometimes black olive dishes. Reduction -
The process of thickening the liquid and enhancing its flavor by rapid boiling.
It can be stock, wine, cream or vinegar;
Just a few. Rémoulade -A mayonnaise-
Sauces often seasoned with herbs, mustard and sauerkraut.
There are also thousands of changes! Rouille -
Olive oil with crumbs, garlic, egg yolk, saffron, chili and pepper.
Fish dishes and soup are delicious.
I sound like a broken record here,-
You guessed it right.
There are many and many changes. Sauce Vierge -
This is a "virgin sauce" made of olive oil, lemon juice, chopped tomatoes and basil ". Semifreddo -
It literally means "semi-cold" and usually refers to frozen or partially frozen desserts such as cakes, ice cream, fruit and cream. Shank -. Sweetbreads -
The thymus gland of the calf or lamb (from the throat) and the pancreas (from the heart or stomach ). Tartare -
A dish made of chopped raw meat or fish, such as steak, venison, tuna, or salmon. Tempura -
Japanese name of vegetable or fish fried with lightly batter. Terrine -
Terrine is a rustic dish with a lid in which the food is cooked.
When on the menu, this refers to what is actually cooked inside.
The Terran is very similar to the Terran. ©Except that the latter is baked in the shell. Velouté -
A white sauce made of "white ingredients" such as chicken or seafood ingredients and gravy (flour and butter ).
Once velout cream and dressing is added©Ready service. A final word. . .
This is just the tip of the iceberg, please add your own terminology below and share some of your dining experiences and changes around the world.
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