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types of crockery used in restaurants types of serving spoons | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-29
A spoon is an appliance used for cooking, serving and eating.There are several different types of spoons for different tasks when eating and serving.While ordinary families may not distinguish between each type, they are commonly used in restaurants around the world.
Understanding the differences between different types of food utensils can avoid embarrassment in the face of a range of choices.Especially the spoon that supplies the spoon has different uses on the table;Sugar and salt even have different spoons.The commonly used serving spoon is used to hold fruits, vegetables, salads and other commodities on the table.
Round shape with a deep bowl to pick up the food easily;The handle is very long and can be served in a very short distance.The table spoon is similar to the serving spoon and has a long handle for serving at a distance.The large bowl of the table spoon is shallow and the shape is oval.
The spoon is used to serve specific foods such as mashed potatoes or casseroles.The salt spoon is a miniature spoon with a short handle and a shallow oval bowl.It is usually paired with a salt bowl or cellar at the table.
The salt spoon is specially used to sprinkle salt on food without being exposed to food.The sugar spoon is slightly larger than the salt spoon, with a short handle and a bowl made of a classic shell.The sugar spoon is accompanied by a sugar bowl or basin for scooping sugar into drinks and desserts while never touching the food.
As the name implies, the wooden spoon is made of wood and is used to make and stir delicate and natural food.Metal is thought to pollute the taste of delicate food, so wooden spoons are often used as a substitute.Wooden spoons are usually in the shape of spoons and table spoons.
The mixer is a long appliance with a small bowl or knob at the end, which is usually provided to each guest at the table.The mixer is used to mix sugar into drinks such as lemonade and tea.There is a larger version of the mixer in the kitchen, which is usually used to stir the delicate soup so as not to damage the ingredients.
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