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types of crockery used in restaurants types of food strainers | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-29
Any well-The fully equipped kitchen includes many utensils for filtering food, mainly for separating solids from liquids.The slotted spoon you use to remove poached eggs from the water bath pan is a filter, and after its fashion, the same goes for the larger round "Spider" used for the same purpose in the professional kitchen ---Or a home-cooked dish familiar with Asian cuisine.The most useful and common examples of filters are divided into two categories.
Colander-Type filters are stamped or molded with regular hole patterns to provide an outlet for the discharge of fat or liquid from solid foods.In typical use, when you pour mixed liquids and solids into the colander, the colander will stand on its own short feet.Some changes in the basic design are used quite differently.
Some colander-The filter is flat, round or semi-circularThe shape is round.When you pour water, they are placed on the lips of the jar to release the liquid and suppress the solid.The restaurant uses a special cone-shaped colander, called the "Chinese hat", which is caught by one hand or placed in a pan when you pour water.
Mesh-The type filter consists of a rigid frame and handle that supports a bowl of shallow bowls consisting of fine or coarse mesh.They usually use their hands.Used to filter a small amount of food.Fine-The mesh filter can also be used as twice as much as sifters to restore the rough flour or powdered sugar to the original light and fluffy state.Special drum for restaurantEspecially for this purpose, the "tamis" sifters of the shape.
Tamis can also be used to make soft mudCooked food, pass them through the net with a spatula.Like colanders, there is also a special cone screen in the restaurant.Called "chinois", it can be used as a filter or--like a tamis --The food can be used to make mud.
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