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by:Two Eight     2019-07-29
Squid is the Italian squid word, which has become the name of all squid dishes.Squid is common in Mediterranean countries and the Far East.The body structure of various squid is similar, and it often looks the same as the taste on the plate.
The difference between squid dishes is the various parts of the fish used, how they are prepared, and in what process they are provided.The squid has a body called the outer cover, which has a larger smooth surface and a head shaped like the hood.The outer cover can be cut into thin slices or made into steak.
It can also be cut into big rings or stuffed with other food.The tentacles and arms attached to the body.They can be bitten.Pieces of size or small animals can provide complete food.
The arms are hollow and can be cut into macaroni tubesA part of the size or a smaller ring.The meat of squid tastes good, sweet, but strong.If the cooking is not correct, it will become inedible.
The secret is to cook for a minute or two at high temperatures, or for a long time, up to 20 minutes.Squid are common in Asia, including Japan, China and Thailand.In Europe they come from Mediterranean countries in Greece, Italy and Spain.
Even the American adjustment is called a real gun.Each country has its own unique cooking method and spice mixture.Squid can be dry, boiled, roasted, steamed, roasted, boiled, marinated or peppered.
You can fry with flour or tempura batter, or you can eat it without flour or tempura batter, or you can eat it in sushi.Squid can be prepared as a pickled fish with sour orange juice, where raw seafood is "cooked" by soaking it in lime juice and doing chemical "cooking" without heat ".Squid can be covered with barbecue sauce or marinade, serving Spanish diavola-style dishes with spicy tomato sauce, and can also be added to the Kung Pao, a Chinese dish that relies heavily on red peppers.
Squid is usually served as an appetizer, usually as a fried ring or a cut tube and a stylus.Appetizers can be served with dipping sauce.A salad can be mixed with small pieces.Served with pasta or rice.The main course consists of large steaks, which are made from smaller outer covers after a lot of tenderisation and then fried or grilled.
Sometimes squid is combined with shrimp or crab or mixed with other fish to form a seafood medley
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